love and honor

Today, I’m linking up with Lindsey at Running Down A Dream on a topic near and dear to me, FOOTBALL! I was so excited to see this as I haven’t seen too many other women’s blogs that talk much about football. I love football, I mean love it. From Thursday night college games (and even when they have Tues/Weds. games) all the way to Monday Night Football my TV is glued to football. I really prefer the college game, but the pro games aren’t that bad either.

So, who are my favorites? Well for college it is, of course, my alma mater, the Miami University RedHawks!

image via

Yes, there is another Miami and it is in Ohio, NOT Florida. Oxford, OH is the perfect small college town and football Saturdays kick ass. Unfortunately, I live 2,199 miles from Yager Stadium so I do not get back as often as I’d like. I try to catch them on the road, but even that can be difficult. So I settle for games via internet radio,, Miami All-Access, and the occasional ESPN TV game (that would be the Tues/Weds. night games I reference above!). So we don’t have a national presence like an OSU, Texas, USC, Florida, etc. but we have a great group of loyal fans and I am so proud to be one. I worked with the team during my undergrad days as a student athletic trainer, so my seat was always on the sideline. That was always the best vantage point, and it took me several years to adjust to watching a game in the stands. I was lucky to work with some of the best that Miami ever had, conference players of the year, NCAA record holders, and future NFL starters. I even spent some time working with this guy…

image via

(just in case you don’t know who this is, it’s Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers QB)

One of the highlights of my undergrad years was road tripping to Virginia Tech during my sophomore year. We got to see our RedHawks take down the Fighting Gobblers (I think it was 21-17). They were ranked #12 and we came in and beat them at their own game, a fake kick. I have a great pic from that day, but unfortunately it was a time before digital cameras and I don’t have a scanner to scan it in. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. Also in college, I took a course in football coaching theory. It was one of my favorite classes, seriously. While I have no desire to coach football, it helped to better understand what was going on on the field. It helped from an athletic training perspective to understand the plays, the moves, and the strategies. It was taught by the coaches at the time, and I loved every minute of it.

So here are a few images I’ve been able to find of me and Miami football (and some other college games) over the years.


Me, Megan, and Leah prepping for the game

working hard during the game

the best ever student athletic trainers the night before a big game!


tailgating at Ohio State v. Miami game...we shoulda won that game

Miami's O-Line wearing my company's knee braces!

Miami v. Northwestern, Oxford, OH 2006

The 'Shoe

At the Rose Bowl for a UCLA game

So, there we have it. I’m a huge football fan of my alma mater. People often ask me if I’m a fan of a bigger team, like an Ohio State or a Michigan. I’m not, I just am not that invested in major programs. Now don’t get me wrong, I still watch the games, and I love conference championships and the bowl games, but my heart will always belong to Miami. Love and Honor! (Miami’s Fight Song)

While I love living in San Diego, I really miss those fall football weekends of tailgating, cornhole, freezing our butts off, and drinking. Now, if only I could get that private jet to be able to travel the country to follow my beloved RedHawks!


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