feeling better

Well, I survived my first day back at work after staying at home all last week with pneumonia. And I made it, well almost. It was 3:30pm and my boss said, “why don’t you go home?” I replied, “I’m trying to clean up some old e-mails.” And he says, “Like I said, why don’t you go home?” So he left, and I followed shortly thereafter. So my boss clearly thought I had had enough for the day. That’s the beauty of my job, I can be flexible, just have to be sure I get my work done. And right now, I have a few projects that aren’t on my boss’s radar but are high on mine. But I still felt like leaving early today. I was just done, but not like wiped out. In fact I was driving home thinking that I should do short little 10 minute workouts until I get back up to speed. Maybe a little walking, a little biking, a little playing with the dog. So that’s what I’m hoping to do over the rest of this week. (I’m having some GI issues now, or I would totally start tonight.)

So tomorrow is another day. Hoping to take another step to getting healthy.


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