missing in action

AP CXR showing right lower lobe pneumonia.

Kind of how my xrays looked...Image via Wikipedia

I’ve been sick. I went to the doctor and they took x-rays and I have, of all things, pneumonia! I’ve been just a little bit out of it.

When the PA I had to see said I might have pneumonia, so let’s go get xrays, I couldn’t believe it. I started thinking, will I have to go to the hospital? Really I’m not that bad am I? don’t most people with pneumonia have to go to the hospital??? Well, pneumonia in someone like me that’s fairly healthy, does not mean a stay at the hospital. Phew!(Yes, I’m one who always thinks the worst!)

Just an antibiotic and if I feel as thought I’m getting worse, I should see my doctor again. And to get chest x-rays in 4-6 weeks to make sure I’m all clear. So, I’m could have this annoying cough for a few more weeks, ugh!

What have I been doing since I got sick? Being a lazy bum, that’s what! My couch now has a permanent indentation, I’ve cleared out 50% of my DVR, and I’m officially sick of Jamba Juice smoothies. Oh, and trying to do some work whenever an important email pops up or my boss calls.

I feel like God might have been trying to tell me something with me getting pneumonia. I had thought that this week, the first week in August, would be a good week to take a vacation (a staycation that is). As it got closer, important work things were put on the calendar and I thought, ok I’ll just wait a couple more weeks. My boss has a trip planned that goes Thurs. to Tues. so I’ll take those days off, plus the rest of the week, for a total of 11 days off! I’m not so sure i can do that now. But I do still plan on taking a full week off, with no work responsibilities on me! Maybe just in September instead. Oh, back to what God was telling me. He was telling me that I desperately needed some time off! So I hope when I go back on Monday I will be at least a bit refreshed, not like if I had the full week off and I was healthy, but at least somewhat refreshed.

Ok, I’ve rambled long enough. I might do some periodic posts while I get caught up on life and work and friends.


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