coming soon…

I haven’t felt like blogging all weekend, so if I get around to it, I’ll review my goals and make new ones for the week.

I also uploaded a bunch of new photos so my blog posts will be a bit more lively and colorful! And I’ll share a few more of my “last night’s dinner” cooking adventures.

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over, Sunday night came by way too fast (either that or I didn’t get a whole lot done this weekend!)

The scale moved back in the right direction on Thursday, phew! Still not to where I was before my birthday, but something more acceptable.

I’m working on checking things off on my summer bucket list: this week #5 gets marked off…opening day at Del Mar and maybe a few more.

Opening  Day is a BIG deal here in San Diego. It’s the first day of horseracing at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Basically, you get all dressed up, put on a fancy hat, and drink all day. Here’s a preview of my hat for the big day! Watch for more pics from the day later in the week. (Don’t mind the poor camera quality or the lack of makeup I’m wearing, just focus on the HAT!)

My hat for Opening Day!


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