weekly goals #5: in review

Oh boy, I really screwed up this week. I think all of my goals went out the window from Wednesday on…


  • Record all food at fatsecret.com: only managed to do so on Mon/Tues
  • Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day: didn’t keep track
  • Get 5 servings of vegetables a day: didn’t keep track
  • Limit sweets on my birthday: aside from drinks, I didn’t have any sweets on my bday


  • Be active every day for at least 20 min. (including during work travel): so-so
  • Record all exercise/activity at fatsecret.com: nope didn’t do this either


  • Make an impact at the work conference/trade show I’m attending. I have a few meetings with VIPs so they need to go well!: I’ll say I did this!
  • Celebrate my birthday!: Did this too!
  • Do something “summery” on the 4th (i.e. go to beach!): I can’t remember what I did, oops!

Off to think about how to get back on track this coming week!


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