it’s my birthday!!!

Yeah, it’s my birthday! I have finally arrived home and was able to get on here to share my great day. I had a fabulous day, thank you facebook! You never know how many real friends you have until they post on your facebook wall :).

I did have to work today (I took last Friday off instead!), but it wasn’t so bad. My boss did take me out for lunch at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. I got the Goat Cheese pizza which was delish.

I left work early and headed to Dini’s by the Sea in Carlsbad for a little happy hour to celebrate with friends. It was so fun,my girlfriends who came are true friends. And to top it off, the entire bar sang happy birthday to me and the bartender bought me a shot. It was fabulous. Plus Dini’s has a wonderful ocean view. I’ll post pics later, as I need to pack for a little trip to downtown San Diego. It’s for work, but I do plan to celebrate a little bit more! And next week, some of my other girlfriends are taking me to dinner, yeah for birthdays!

Have a great weekend all!


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