weekly goals #4: in review

I’m not really sure what happened to this week but it flew by! I hardly had a minute to think about my goals. I came down with a cold on Wednesday, so it’s been hard to get moving. And I’ve been eating right…I think. So let’s see how I did.


  • Record all food at fatsecret.com YES!
  • Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day YES!
  • Get 5 servings of vegetables a day: Most days I did get at least 5 servings, but I didn’t keep track so I don’t know for sure.
  • No ice cream or cookies (this might be hard, I just discovered that my local Ralph’s now carries the world’s best ice cream, Graeter’s!): Nope, grr! I broke down on Tuesday and took myself to Ralph’s and got the Graeter’s ice cream, and not just one pint, but two! But I was accountable for those and recorded them in my food tracker.


  • Be active every day for at least 20 min.: Nope, getting sick prevented this.
  • Make it to the gym for 3 classes this week: Nope, again, being sick really sucks
  • Record all exercise/activity at fatsecret.com: Yes, this is the easy one!


  • no spending money until payday except for one “street truck” lunch at work: YES, except for supplies to try and keep my cold at bay
  • turn off the computer one night this week: YES, I left my laptop at work on Monday.
  • turn off the tv one night this week: oops, can I blame being sick again?
  • go to church, catch up with friends, and praise the Lord!: Partial, I did go to church and I did praise the Lord, but I didn’t take the time to catch up with friends afterwards.

So, I didn’t do so bad. I’m bummed I didn’t work out more, but this darn cold made me drowsy and coughing, 2 things that don’t mix well with exercise. I am proud of myself for continuing to be accountable for all the food that enters my body. Even if it is ice cream, chocolate, or a 2nd lunch! And I’m finding other ways to be active, and while they are not always calorie burning, I’m getting my butt off the couch and out of the house.

The real victory I had this week was on the scale. I am down 9.5 lbs. since June 7th. I am well on my way to getting healthy. This journey is going well!

Have a happySunday!


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