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July is my favorite month. Why? Because it’s my birth month, yeah! Well, and having grown up in the Midwest, July represented the quintessential time of summer.

As a child, July was always filled with going to the fireworks with friends in the back of my parent’s station wagon, block parties, early a.m. carpools to swim practices, endless swim practices, countless swim meets, riding bikes, playing golf, sneaking onto a neighbor’s trampoline, trips to see the grandparents at their beach house in Virginia, and just the random busyness of living in a neighborhood with a boatload of kids. I don’t think I ever had a chance to be lazy! And just thinking back to my wonderful summer’s of my youth makes me want to make the most of every day this July.

Heather, over on Then Heather Said, posted what her July looks like coming up, with a bunch of running races and friend’s visiting, and it got me thinking of how busy my life used to be growing up, and how lazy I have become. So I am determined to make the most of this month, since it is my favorite month. And since today started out so well, I’m positive I can make that happen :).

This weekend: Today, I took the day off and  met up with some girlfriends for a beach walk, followed by a great brunch at Swami’s in Oceanside. Then I’m spending the rest of my time dog/house-sitting at my sister’s. She lives inland, in Riverside Co., so no more beach for me this weekend, but I am determined to make it to her pool. There is just something about being able to cool off in a pool in the middle of summer. I’m also meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow, and then who knows where that will take us! My sister’s block usually does a block party, and I’m hoping it is on Sunday while I’m still here. I head back home on Monday, and plan to hit the beach, along with everyone else.

1st week: It’s my birthday! So I’m planning on doing a happy hour with some girlfriends, then the next day I head down to downtown San Diego for a conference.

2nd weekend: I will be in downtown San Diego still at the conference. The conference is done by 12:30 each day, so I plan to explore downtown San Diego, and in particular Little Italy.

2nd week: Some of my girlfriends are getting together for dinner to celebrate my birthday. We’re going to one of my favorite places, Bistro West in Carlsbad.

So after about July 13th, I don’t have any other plans! I’m thinking I’ll do some kayaking, do some hiking (I’ve always wanted to go to Torrey Pines!), maybe do some boogieboarding if the water warms up, hang out with friends, and try to score some dates! Oh yes, you’ve read that right, I think I’m going to tackle the dating world again, probably sign up for an on-line service. I have 2 college friends who moved to California in the last month, but I think this month might be too early to either make a trip to see them or for them to come see me. I’ll let them get settled first! One moved to Monterey, so a long drive (actually I’d prefer to fly up there!), and another to Santa Monica, so it’s not like we can grab lunch or dinner or anything quick. I’m just glad that I’ll probably see them more often than before!

Well, I’m off to cook up some salmon and quinoa. Have you ever tried Chef Paul’s Magic Salmon Seasoning? OMG, it is so good. Has just a bit of sweet and spicy for me. I highly recommend it!

Happy 4th of July!


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