weekly goals in review #3

I know, this should really be week #4 in review, but I was traveling last weekend and didn’t get a chance to set any goals. So this reflects the week before this past one, when I didn’t have to be on the road! Overall, I think I did pretty good. Eating right and exercising all week. And I still didn’t get to the gym, but walking and Wii work do count. Oh wait, I went to the gym once, and did BodyFlow. I needed to stretch out a bit and get a bit more centered! I did weigh myself before I left on Saturday and I was still the same as my weigh-in day on Tuesday. While I was hoping to be down a little bit, I was glad the scale didn’t go the other way!


  • Record all food at fatsecret.com: Done
  • Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day: Done
  • No ice cream or cookies:Done
  • Limit airplane snacking while on work trip (i.e. no buying peanut butter m and m’s or reese’s pieces at the airport!): Done
  • Make good food decisions while on work trip (i.e. limit sugars and high carb foods, limit alcohol, remember those are liquid calories!): Ha ha, yeah right!


  • Be active every day for at least 20 min., whether that is hitting the gym, taking a walk, or playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii, every activity counts: Done
  • Record all exercise/activity at fatsecret.com: Done


  • Finish current book: Finished on the plane
  • Don’t back out on friends and wine tasting at the last minute: Oops, I didn’t go
  • Spending Plan for week: Clinique makeup, black capris, wine tasting ($10), lunch out with friends (i.e. no need to buy anything else!): Spent a bit more on makeup, clothes and a purse than I thought. But returning one shirt and the purse this week!

Looking back, eating and drinking and working out on the road

I survived my work trip to New Orleans, and only brought back 3 extra pounds. I am really hoping it is due to my “favorite” time of month. I did not go overboard on the food, I spent most of the days standing at a trade show booth, and I walked back and forth between the convention center and the hotel. However, I did go overboard on the drinks. The first night I was there I added up all the drinks I had over 700 calories in drinks alone, and this was hard liquor plus diet soda. The next couple of nights I kind of lost count of the drinks, and didn’t figure my calories for food either. I thought I would be able to generally keep track of my calories, but I didn’t. I also only got in one workout, and it was  onlyfor 20 min.

So I guess I know what I should concentrate on for this coming week. I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey. I’ve had a good start, and I’m committed to recording my food, counting my calories, and burning the calories off.

Look for my weekly goals #4 very shortly!


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