weekly goals in review #2

Week #2 of my goal setting went a bit better than week #1, but still not completely satisfied. I think I may have set myself up for goal failure though. I set too many! With evertyhing I have going on, I’ve come to realize that I can’t do it all, and can only concentrate on one thing at a time. For this week, it was my eating and recording everything I ate. I started this on Tuesday, after spending Monday talking myself out of eating well and working out. I needed to refocus, and food was the one thing I thought I knew I could be good with. The stress of trying to fit in a workout class, of all the work I have at work, of trying to stay on budget, and being a good friend was just a bit much. So, eating well was my priority this week, and I think I did pretty good.


  • Monday: 12pm RPM class – X
  • Tuesday: 12pm BodyPump – 30 min. cardio workout instead
  • Wednesday: 12pm RPM Class – X
  • Thursday: 12pm BodyPump Class – 30+ min. of Wii Just Dance 2 (I was able to burn over 200 calories!)
  • Friday: no goal set but did 1 hour of Just Dance 2
  • Saturday: 10:45am BodyFlow & 12:30pm Self Defense Class – instead did over an hour of cardio, including walking & Just Dance 2
  • Sunday: 1 hr. Cardio – I will fit this in! (writing this post on Sat. night)


  • Track what I eat daily – everyday but Monday!
  • No ice cream or cookies – had no ice cream, but broke down and had cookies on Friday, grrr!
  • Eating out: ask servers to box up 1/2 of meal before it gets to me – didn’t ask the server to do this, but I did only eat 1/2 of what I got. Well except the cup of garlic soup I had.


  • Plan next steps for 2 big projects – crapola! got sidetracked with a different project


  • Church – check!
  • Finish Work in Progress book – check!
  • Journal – X

Fun stuff (not really goals, just fun things on the calendar)

  • Dinner with girlfriends – check!
  • Dinner & movie night – it got moved to next Monday

That’s about it. Looking forward to the new week!


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