weekly goals

I’m trying to establish weekly goals. Last week was my first, and while I didn’t really stay on track with all of them, it gave me something to shoot for. So week #2 of setting weekly goals and we’ll see how I do.

{I’ve discovered pinterest! Love finding what other people like and that I can add things to my blog!}

from pinterest


  • Monday: 12pm RPM class
  • Tuesday: 12pm BodyPump
  • Wednesday: 12pm RPM Class
  • Thursday: 12pm BodyPump Class
  • Saturday: 10:45am BodyFlow & 12:30pm Self Defense Class
  • Sunday: 1 hr. Cardio


  • Track what I eat daily
  • No ice cream or cookies
  • Eating out: ask servers to box up 1/2 of meal before it gets to me


  • Plan next steps for 2 big projects


  • Church
  • Finish Work in Progress book
  • Journal

Fun stuff (not really goals, just fun things on the calendar)

  • Dinner with girlfriends
  • Dinner & movie night

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