weekly goals: in review

Since I set some goals to start the week, I thought I’d end the week reviewing those goals. I sort of updated the original post daily, but here’s the full update!

It was a rough week. I was so off track, Tuesday felt like Monday, and Wednesday felt like Friday. I had to travel for work Thurs.-Sat. to Indiana, so now my clock is all screwed up! I finally got back in the gym on Tuesday, with a pretty darn tough RPM class. It had been about 10 days since my last one, but I’m glad I went. Of course, that was the extent of exercise, aside from a 1 hour walk on Monday. Oh well, I’m home for the next 2 weeks, and will be able to get some semblance of a routine going again. And no matter how much it hurts, I’m going to keep going. (Hurt, as in I haven’t done this class in a while, not hurt because I’m injured or in pain). The hurt is only temporary, but a healthy life will be forever.


RPM Rocks

  • Mon.-1 hour workout YES!
  • Tues.-6:30am RPM  YES!
  • Weds.-12pm RPM -nope skipped it, just didn’t feel like it :(
  • Sat.-1 hour workout-early morning, long flight, afternoon nap, clean house, and it just got too dark!
  • Sun.-8am RPM-(moving this to next week-see Sunday night post yet to be finished)


  • Track food as best I can-crapola, only did this on Tuesday. It’s hard when you travel!
  • Eat no processed food-crapola #2, I did have processed food
  • yucky!

    Limit sugar intake while traveling-I’ll give myself a 3 out of 10. I did great on the flight there. Had a bagel w/ cream cheese for breakfast, no snacks on the plane, a shrimp ceasar salad at Pappadeux’s in DFW airport, and then no snacks on the second flight. Then we had a welcome reception at a wine tasting bar, so had lots of wine and apps, limited with sugar. Then we went to dinner. Everything was good, didn’t have sugar, although did have fried chicken tenders. But then I got the hiccups. My co-worker said that a packet of sugar works. I was a bit buzzed, and I was desperate. She kind of forced the sugar down my throat! It was the most disgusting thing ever. And it didn’t work. Ugh, darn skinny friends who think eating packets of sugar is good for hiccups. The next day, it was all down hill. I had cookies for lunch dessert, a real Coca-Cola (just about a 1/4 of a can), and then dessert for dinner was 7-layer chocolate cake. Oy vey.


  • Make the best of the week-Yes, this was a good week
  • Communicate-I think I did pretty good with this
  • Have a great business trip-It was pretty great


  • Go to church on Sunday-I’m writing this before I go to church, so look for this to be added to tomorrow’s post on my new weekly goals.
  • Read Work in Progress by Kristin Armstrong Done!
  • Journal-Didn’t do this


  • post wine tasting girlfriend get together (I have to miss the actual wine tasting since I’ll be traveling back, but hope to get together with the girls for the evening.)-I was too exhausted from my trip to even try and get together. Oh well. I’ll see them on Monday for a birthday dinner!

I’ve really got to get my act together! Tomorrow is a new week, thank goodness. No looking back, just live in the present with an eye to the future.

Watching: Southland (Finally catching up on my DVR. These episodes are from February!)


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