playing things by ear & weekly goals

I was up at 3:15am, couldn’t fall back asleep, checked twitter, wrote a blog post at 4:30am, decided it was just a bit too personal to post, and went back to bed until 9am. I had every intention of going to the gym for a BodyFlow and RPM classes, maybe even Zumba. I was just emotionally exhausted and decided that exercise would come to me at some point during the day. And it did. I took an hour walk by the beach with the dog this afternoon. I mean it is Memorial Day, when I really should just relax and play things by ear. By doing this, I got a lot accomplished! Exercise, dishes, laundry, meal plan, grocery list plan, grocery shop, vacuum, prep meals, catch up on blogs in my Reader, and write a blog post. Oh, yes, I got my sh*t together today. And I think I’m ready to conquer the short week.

So, in order to conquer the new week, I must set some goals!


  • Mon.-1 hour workout YES!
  • Tues.-6:30am RPM  YES!
  • Weds.-12pm RPM -nope skipped it, just didn’t feel like it 😦
  • Sat.-1 hour workout
  • Sun.-8am RPM


  • Track food as best I can (Tues.-YES! Weds.-guess it’s not too late, but I lost count of the peppermint patties I ate!)
  • Eat no processed food (I need to figure out what is processed! Is frozen yogurt processed?)
  • Limit sugar intake while traveling


  • Make the best of the week
  • Communicate
  • Have a great business trip


  • Go to church on Sunday
  • Read Work in Progress by Kristin Armstrong Done!
  • Journal


  • post wine tasting girlfriend get together (I have to miss the actual wine tasting since I’ll be traveling back, but hope to get together with the girls for the evening.)

Phew, that’s a lot of goals! I hope these help me to keep my head on straight for the week.


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