can i really call it a breakthrough?

Yes, I am questioning whether I had a breakthrough or not. I hopped on the scale on Tuesday and was down 2.5 lbs. from last week. I had been stuck on the same number for weeks. And I know why, I binge eat, and obviously the scale is not going to move when that happens. The funny thing is, is that I blew it last week. Ice cream was my calling of course. Oh, and some chocolate chip cookies. So, that’s why the question mark after breakthrough. Can I really call a 2.5 lb. loss a breakthrough, when I know I still ate crap? Physically, maybe it was, but mentally and emotionally, haven’t reached that point. And I only got 2 spin classes and 1 easy walk in last week.

I was watching the Biggest Loser (love the contestants this season!) and they are down to the final 4, and each of them talked about that breakthrough moment. That moment that changed the way they thought and approached their time on the ranch, and they then consistently put up the numbers they needed to stay on the ranch. So I know, there is really now way I can have a breakthrough after just a one week loss. True, it was 2.5 lbs. and I had been stuck at the same weight for like 6 weeks. But I don’t know if I deserved it. Maybe it’s all water weight? So, we’ll see next week where I’m at. And hopefully I can focus and not eat when I’m bored, not turn to food when I am disappointed, and just focus on me and activity that I need, and the fuel that I need to reach my goals.

I have one piece of advice to offer this week…do not buy eggs from a farmer’s market! I bought a dozen last weekend, thinking they would be fresher than any from Costco, and the seller said they were organic. Sure they may be fresh, but they are doing a number on my GI system! I know, I’m oversharing, but I don’t know why I feel sick after eating them. I cook them fully (overcook actually, I hate runny) for my omelet and a few hours later I’m not feeling so hot. I don’t know if it’s food poisoning or not, it’s not that bad. I just have to make sure there’s a restroom nearby. Also, I usually make the omelets with 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg (large size). With these eggs I’m just going with 2 eggs since they are XL sizes and organic. Maybe that is upsetting my stomach, the 2 yolks? I have no clue, I guess I should just watch whatever I eat and see how my body reacts. Maybe if I move away from the eggs for a few days? I hate the feeling I get and rushing to the restroom (especially at work) so I hope I can get this “issue” resolved quickly!

So now that I’ve provided you with TMI, and because I read a blog that talked about how to p**p at work (sorry I just couldn’t put that word on my blog!) what do you do when you don’t feel so good while at work? Do you tough it out? Does your work have a first aid/sick room? Do you ask for the rest of the day off?

I usually tough it out, unless I really don’t have much on my plate at work and can afford to take the rest of the day off. My office doesn’t have an area to go to when you’re not feeling well (aside from the restroom!). It would be nice to have a room with a table to lay down on for a little bit. Oh well, I guess it’s not elementary school!

Have a great rest of the week!

Watching: The Voice (still awesome! the battle rounds are brutal, everyone is so good!)


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