spin class withdrawal

So my gym decided that this was the weekend they were going to knock down a wall in the bike studio to make more room. There is this random angled wall that no one really knows why it was put there in the first place, except to maybe hide broken down bikes. So they are tearing that down, painting, and possibly putting up a stage type thing. It should be a great improvement. But that means there are no RPM spin classes from Friday morning to Sunday night!!! I was doing so good with my MWF noontime spin classes, and now I think I may have lost my momentum. Help!

Since injuring my shoulder, I’ve been really trying to be more consistent with the spin classes since I can’t really do BodyPump or yoga. So now I have no idea what to do. I didn’t do anything on Thursday or Friday, and now it’s Saturday morning, and I just don’t want to go to the gym knowing that I have no spin class to go to! I’m not sure if I can do the elliptical, because of the arm things. I guess I could not use the arm things, but that just might annoy me. And the treadmill just isn’t for me. No other cardio gets my heartrate up like spin class does. So frustrating! Why couldn’t they have chosen next weekend to do this, when I’m out of town!

So what to do???

a. go to the gym and do the elliptical

b. go to the gym and do BodyPump, but not anything that hurts my shoulder (I know I”m using my shoulder as an excuse. I could probably do at least 50% of the class, or more)

c. walk down to the beach and back, about 3.5-4 miles.

d. sit on my butt and do nothing (ok, not really an option, since I’ve been doing this the last 2 days!)

So, I guess I should do option b. although I know I’ll be sore the next few days (and not just in the shoulder!). I should probably go take the ibuprofen now!

Happy weekend!


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