new food may…i forgot one!

Heidi kumquat small

Image via Wikipedia

I knew I was forgetting a new food that I had tried from my last post!

kumquat: I had, of course, heard of kumquat’s but had no idea what they looked like, much less tasted like. I was at the Carlsbad Farmers market last weekend and one of the vendors had these. I asked what they were, they looked like super mini oranges! She said I could try one, and I was like, do I eat the skin? That’s supposed to be the sweetest part, and then the inside is sour. Um, yeah, super sour! I took a bite and out skirted the sour juice. I must say that I’m not a big fan of this fruit. Guess I’m just not a fan of sour. The texture was ok, like an orange. So, I won’t be buying kumquats anytime soon. Glad I was able to try and didn’t have to buy any!

Now what should I try next that is in season?!


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