new food may

Broad beans, shelled and steamed

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I didn’t intend to make May the month that I try new foods, but I guess I was feeling much more adventurous this month!

So far, I’ve tried the following:

  • fava beans: pretty good, reminds me of edamame, but a lot of work to get to the actual edible bean…see this post
  • jicama: ok, so I may have had this before, but not knowingly. I had to buy it for the very first time, and these things are huge! It was a little hard to cut into, but I used a serrated knife and all was good. And I used a standard vegetable peeler to peel it. I cut it into strips, about 1/4″ wide and added it to the salad. It was nice, added some crunch, but not a whole lot of flavor. I had made a tequila-lime dressing so it was delicious with that.
  • mango: I know, this is probably shocking, but I really never sat down to actually taste a mango. And it was good, just the right amount of sweetness. (I believe it was ripe enough.) The tough part was cutting into it. It has this huge pit down the middle, so you have to kind of cut around it. I added this to the salad I made with the jicama and tequila-lime dressing. All those flavors, it was like a party in my mouth! (I will be posting that recipe!!!)
  • frozen peas: now don’t laugh. Growing up my mom always had the can of La Seur Green Peas for me since I didn’t really like many other green veggies growing up. She still has them for me when I’m home for Thanksgiving. But I made a pilaf last week, and it called for fresh or frozen peas. I couldn’t find fresh, so I bought frozen organic ones. Wow, I’ve been missing out! I always kind of avoided peas in dishes before, but these were really good and I know I should be afraid of peas again!

I feel like I’ve tried something else, but at this point, I can’t think of it. I’ve cooked a lot of things I haven’t made before too. Lamb, fava beans, frozen peas, margarita (an avocado-mango one! delish!!!). I’m trying to cook more seasonally, so I may be trying new things, and cooking with new things! I’m totally enjoying experimenting in the kitchen, now I just need to perfect a dish or two and invite my friends over. One of these days…


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