last night’s dinner: FAIL

I was feeling pretty ambitious and went after Lamb Kebabs with Warm Fava Bean Salad from the Cooking Light Cooking Through the Seasons cookbook. I should note that I have never cooked leg of lamb (much less bought it!) and I’ve never had a fava bean. Oh yes, this was uncharted cooking waters. And I failed. I failed so bad that I didn’t even take any pictures.

Here’s what went wrong:

  • I bought bone in leg of lamb. Only do this when you plan to cook it whole. Since this recipe was for kebabs, I had to cut it up and it was not easy.
  • Know how to cook fava beans, and understand they come in a pod, and you have to remove the beans from the pod before boiling them!
  • Fava beans are good, but so not worth the work. After removing from the pod, I had to go one by one to remove tough outer portion of each.
  • Make sure you notice what the inside of the lemon looks like before adding it to the dish. Funky lemon taste is not good.
  • When the recipe says to cut lamb into even 1 inch cubes, do it so you don’t have pieces that are overdone (like, duh!)

So you live and you learn, you good some good things, and you screw up others. At least the process was fun and I tried a new food! At least I can check that off my May to do list!


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