on tap for sunday

Not sure how it got to be Sunday already, but I pretty much wasted a gorgeous Saturday by staying inside on my computer and watching TV. I did get out and do grocery shopping, which was preceded by meal planning and list making. And I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed a bit, around 9pm. No workout, no enjoying the sunny skies, just being lazy and bored. I won’t even go into what I ate, but let’s just say it was high in fat and calories, but oh so comforting.

So Saturday is over, and today is a new day. And I’m really going to try to make something of it.

Most Sundays I go to church. Today, not so much, so I’m really starting off on the right foot, ha, yeah right! I had plans to go to RPM class at 8am, but woke up too late. I made my favorite breakfast of an omelet, followed by a pink lady apple and some flatbread crackers to finish it off. Not bad, and since I didn’t really have much sugar, maybe I’ll feel a bit more energetic to get some the following things completed today…

  • job: write up proposed job description, new responsibilities, role, career path (I have to do this and talk to my boss tomorrow!)
  • eat: make a fabulous rice pilaf with salmon and asparagus for dinner
  • shop: hit up Costco for a few things
  • move: hit up the Carlsbad Village Street Faire. Located just a few blocks from my house, it is block upon block of booths with all sorts of crafty things, oh and food.
  • clean: clean up my bedroom, put away shoes, and put away luggage from trip
  • read: book on grace, catch up on some more blogs (my Google reader is ready to explode)
  • prep: lunches for this week

I really want to get a good start to May. I’m (re)committing to eating right and exercising regularly. I’ve set up weekly goals, first up is 5 workouts this week and not eating after 8pm. And for all of May my goal is to track ALL of my food (even the cookies and ice cream if I go that route). That will keep me accountable and maybe I’ll begin to understand why I reach for the not so good stuff.

Time to kick Sunday off right. Only where to begin?


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