where have i been?

Royal Wedding of William and Catherine Duke & ...

Image by Defence Images via Flickr

I was on such a roll with posts, and now it’s been almost a week since I wrote. I must say that I kind of missed not putting some stupid random thoughts down for random people to read about.

So, where have I been and what have I been doing since last week?

  • I went to my sister’s in Temecula for Easter lunch. Yummy! And my Yum-Yum cake was a hit!
  • I went to RPM class on Monday, but skipped trying out BodyCombat due to my lingering shoulder impingement issue.
  • I think I made a decision regarding  a new job/career opportunity at my company. 🙂
  • I went to Indianapolis, IN for work and had a really great meeting/training. And I got to see one of my very favorite people.
  • I bought myself a new Vera Bradley tote in Deco Daisy. Thank goodness for getting to the Indy Airport early!
  • I had lunch with my girlfriends at an airport on a beautiful day, The Landings at Palomar Airport in Carlsbad. Good food, slow service, fun view of the tarmac, and it was a gorgeous day.
  • I watched the Royal Wedding after work today on DVR. I didn’t think I would be so captivated by it, but I was. Although thank goodness for DVR,  6 hours of coverage turned into about 3 to 3.5 hours. I know my oldest sister was probably watching and loving the long ass aisle Kate had to walk down. (My sister was always obsessed with long driveways and long church aisles perfect for weddings. No idea why. At least she had a somewhat long aisle to walk down for her own wedding, and a carriage ride from the Four Seasons to the church. Yup, she was the princess in our family. ) The dress was nice, not my style, but appropriate for a royal wedding. Kate was beautiful, Wills was looking good (although Harry is much hotter) and the hats were ridiculous. Can you imagine having to sit behind someone with a hat that obstructs your view, I’d be ticked!
  • I watched The Voice. I already love it! So much better than American Idol, and we don’t have to suffer from the ridiculous auditions. Faves so far are Vicci (amazing rendition of Adele’s current hit), Javier (such a cutie), and Jeff (kind of an underdog).
  • I know you’ll want to know this, but I have an infected big toe. It is causing me a lot of pain and I can’t wear closed toe shoes. Which means, no RPM or BodyPump, or really other physical activity right now. It is such a little thing, the big toe, but it can really wreak havoc on one’s active life. I won’t go into details of how I believe it became infected, but let’s just say, I will not be walking through airport security without the little booties on again, especially when I have a cut on my toe. I think it is clearing up, so come Monday, I should be back to my regular workout schedule.
  • I fell off the wagon with healthy eating. Burgers two nights in a row! A chicken sandwich smothered in cheese! Frozen Pizza! Candy bars for dinner! Ice Cream! Man, travel totally screws me up! So tomorrow is a new day, let’s see what it brings.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday because I have had a full bottle of wine while watching the Royal Wedding, and I need my beauty sleep if I’m ever going to find my Prince! I’m thinking I may at least try to walk a bit, with my bum toe and all. And if I can’t do a workout where I burn 600 calories in an hour, at least I can return to healthy eating. I’m also going to work on a couple of new posts, I think. It’s always nice to get my ideas down on the internet and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them, or feel free to mock them ;).

Have a great Saturday!

Watching: The Voice (love it and can’t wait to hear the talent next week!)


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