two workouts, one day

Oh yes, you read that right! I did two workouts today. I hit up the 6:30am BodyPump and the noontime RPM. Yup, yup, I’m a rock star! And now I’m pretty darn exhausted. I got up at 4:45am, a whole hour before the alarm was set for. This has been happening quite a lot lately, so I figure maybe I should just get up and do something instead of checking twitter, facebook, and playing klondike on my phone. (I’ve given up on trying to fall back asleep.) So that’s my new goal, get up and do something productive when I get up before the alarm goes off.

I learned the power of social media today. I was heading to RPM and the instructor saw me and asked my last name. I told her, and she was like one of the members had e-mailed her about me. I was kind of freaking out, like did they not like my grunts during RPM, or that I wear flip flops to class before changing into my cleats, or that my gut sticks out? The instructor for this class manages all fitness classes and instructors at the gym, and last week I had posted on 4 square/twitter a check in at the gym and added “worst yoga class ever.” So that got someone’s attention. Not sure if the person was mad about it, or just bringing it to the attention of the club. I was a bit mortified and was thinking I’m never posting on twitter again! The fitness manager said it is things like this that she wants to know about, and this time it just kind of came in an unlikely way, and that in-person, phone, or e-mail is preferred. I guess the member was making it out to be a bigger deal, like that there was a whole blog related to it. And while I obviously have a blog, I don’t remember writing about the class, until today.

So I’ve learned my lesson…don’t post your real thoughts on 4 square, twitter, or any of the other social media sites! (ok, that isn’t going to stop me, but I will try not to come across as so mean!) Throughout today’s class I was starting to feel really bad for the instructor that taught the yoga class, even though she may not have seen my tweet. Maybe she was just having a bad day? I know it could upset people, and some in the class maybe really did enjoy the instructor. But, to each her own, right?! We are all entitled to our opinions.

[new thoughts on the yoga class:  So it wasn’t the worst ever, it was just frustrating as I thought I understood vinyasa yoga, but this class just didn’t have it. I haven’t taken yoga in months, and rarely take vinyasa (i prefer ashtanga) but this seemed more like a gentle yoga class. Plus the instructor wasn’t helping out with poses or offering modifications, which I’m used to them doing. I’ve hurt my shoulder, so some of the poses were a bit more difficult and luckily I knew modifications, but it was just frustrating. And we did shavasana (corpse pose) for all of 30 seconds, ok maybe a minute.]

And I have to say, I think I am back on track with workouts. I’ve doubled up a few days and skipped some other days, but it is all fitting into my schedule. I am going through a pretty stressful time right now, and thank goodness for exercise, or I would probably be hiding out and not able to face the world. Now, to just get my eating under control. I did great on Monday, Tuesday, I stuffed my face with double stuf Oreo’s, and finished them off today. I think the culprit (aside from me of course!) is Diet soda. Monday I didn’t have any, and Tuesday I did and kept going to my colleague’s desk for her chocolate jar, plus the Oreo’s after work. And today I did not have soda, and I had one mini Snickers bar (plus the Oreo’s after work, ugh!). So maybe it’s not entirely the diet soda, but I know there’s been a lot of not so good research results. Oh well.

Alright, I’m done rambling on.  Have a great night/day!

Watching: One Tree Hill. Does anyone still watch this show? I’ve been watching for a few years, and I can’t figure out why I keep getting sucked in.


2 responses to “two workouts, one day

  1. I would expect them to hunt you down so they could understand why you didn’t enjoy the class, and perhaps take your feedback to improve upon it. I get why they “prefer” to hear these things outside of the social world – but that’s the reality of having a business these days. And like you said, we’re all entitled to our opinions.

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