vacation recap: day 3 & 4

Catch up on days 1 & 2, here, here, and here.

Day 3 was Saturday, and we lounged around until about noon! We missed breakfast, so for lunch we decided we wanted TexMex, so off we went to the Iron Cactus. Umm, nothing special. I got tacos and beer. After lunch, we walked down a rather calm 6th Street to a souvenir shop. On almost every trip I take, I try to get a magnet or an ornament, or if I’m lucky, both. I got both on this trip!

Since it was the Saturday of the Final Four, we knew we would need to find a sports bar to watch the games. Champions Sports Bar was just a block away, so we settled into a table for the next 5 hours. A bunch of VCU fans were in there, but I was rooting for Butler, so glad they won! And I was glad UK lost.

So, we had a great day of laziness because I knew we were in for some fun that night. The Spazmatics were in town at Cedar Street Courtyard and I convinced Julie that we had to go see them. They are an awesome 80s cover band, and they played at my company’s national sales meeting. The place was packed. And it was still a thousand degrees out! I didn’t get great pics of the band, but here they are. They are so fun!

Day 4, Sunday

Another morning to lounge around! We hit up the executive lounge for breakfast and then it was time for Julie to catch the shuttle to the airport. I was so bummed to see her go. We had a lot of fun, and it was so great to catch up! I still had a few hours to kill, so off I went to Buffalo Billiards for lunch. This would not have been my first choice, but once I entered I was committed. The beer was cheap, the food was cheap, and the bartender was awesome.

After BB, I headed to the University of Texas spring football game. I am a huge football fan, not really of the Longhorns, but I wanted to see the stadium at the very least. I took a cab to the stadium, and the cabbie was trying to be all Cash Cab like. He said if I could guess where he was from, I’d get free cab fare, or else he would double it. I agreed to play, and of course lost. (He was from Cameroon.) He didn’t’ really charge me double fare, but I tipped him extra. It was a fun cab ride to say the least.

Made it to the game in the 1st half and shot lots of pictures. Here’s just a few.

I won’t bore you with details of my experience with SuperShuttle. Let’s just say that I got to the airport 15 min. before my flight was to board, and the security line was about 30 min. (I snuck into the first class line and made it with plenty of time to spare.) I will not pre-order/pre-pay SuperShuttle ever again!

So, that was my vacation to Austin, TX. I highly recommend going there at least once. It was the perfect destination for a long weekend, and it was easy for both Julie and I to get to.

Until the next vacation…



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