vacation recap: day 2, part II

Check out Day 1 and Day 2, part I.

Julie and I both conked out when we got back to the hotel on day 2’s afternoon. We needed it!

After our electric bike tour of Austin, we decided we wanted to hit up South Congress Avenue for the evening. And along the way, we would stop and check out the largest urban bat colony in the world! The Mexican free-tailed bats migrated to the South Congress Bridge in the 1980s. The reconstruction done on the bridge made it the perfect place for these bats to live. And turning the warm months, at dusk, the bats fly out from the bridge. We wanted to see this, so we made the trek to the bridge area and to the grassy knoll near the Austin-Statesman newspaper building.

There were a few people already waiting on the bridge…

waiting for the bats

There was a street entertainer in the area. He was kind of funny, but you could tell people were getting annoyed. He tried to be cool with this trick…

street performer with fire

I was more entertained by this guy…

isn't he cute?! he would be best buds with my dog!

More people arrived on the bridge…

more people waiting for the bats to emerge

And finally around 8:10pm, the bats emerged. A few came at first, and then all of a sudden you could see a huge ribbon of these bats in the sky. Pictures aren’t that great, since it was getting dark and they were fast!

the bats starting to come out

here they come!

Here’s some better images of the bats. Do a search on google images and you can find more.

After the bat spectacle, we made our way to South Congress Avenue district. They were having the Lonestar Rod & Kustom Round Up in town and this street attracted way too many hot rods,  so it was super loud with all those old cars, souped-up cars, and crazy cars. I honestly do not care for these kind of things, so I was rather annoyed. There were tons of people out, it was a very eclectic mix. We finally made our way to Home Slice Pizza, which I had heard was the place to get pizza in this town. No kidding, it was an hour wait! I told Julie that we had to try this place, and the hostess said that it was worth it. We headed to their back patio (where they have a ping-pong table!) and I ordered a Fireman’s #4 Ale beer. Yummy! I think I ended up with 3 or 4 of them! We also ordered garlic knots (these were just ok), and finally we got our table. It was 9:30pm and we were able to order slices instead of a whole pizza. I got pepperoni and it was quite clearly the VERY BEST pizza I had ever had!

picture does not do this pizza justice

Julie got the margherita, and then we split a second slice, which was the margherita. I loved both. Oh so good! Next time in Austin, I am so going back to Home Slice. Crispy crust, just enough cheese and tomato sauce, perfection!

The next step was to find a cab! We never did. We walked the whole 1.5 miles back, after taking a slight detour to see if we could find a cab. The main street was pretty much a parking lot, and there was no chance of finding a cab, so we went down a side street, before deciding to just walk it back.

What a fun day! Stay tuned for day 3 recap!!! I was really loving Austin.



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