vacation hangover

It is Wednesday evening and I still am feeling the effects of my vacation. It wasn’t even a full week of vacation, it was 4 days! I am now a chronic snoozer, I’m talking at least a half hour before I get out of bed. I’m tired by mid-morning, I’m eating crap, spending more money than I should, skipping workouts, and just being lazy after work. I skipped out on a planning meeting for my alumni group here in San Diego. And I can’t even think ahead to tomorrow.

Did vacation ruin me???

Hopefully only up until now, now that I’ve admitted to my hangover, I think I can get on with my normal life. I did do BodyPump yesterday, and am feeling rather sore today (it’d been a week!). I skipped RPM on Monday and today. Planning to go to RPM tomorrow morning and BodyPump on Friday morning…before work. I just hope the snooze monster keeps quiet.

My work life. Well, some interesting things have happened, and I’ll say that there is a whole new opportunity opening up for me and I’m rather excited. Nothing is official yet, but just when I was feeling pretty down in the dumps, God has shown me that he listens and is always there for me. More to come.

I’ve got lots to recap on my vacation, I’m thinking this weekend will be my catchup time to share about my latest travel adventure!

And Saturday I get to attend the Women’s Retreat at my church. I am so looking forward to it.That’s all for now. I kind of missed blogging while I was on vacation. Glad to be back to it.

Watching: Addicted to Food (it’s on OWN. looked interesting)


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