a walk’ll do you good

I received some pretty upsetting news at work today, in that 2 of my programs are on the verge of being cancelled. Not through any fault of mine, it’s all being handled at the higher ups level. My initial reaction was shock and disappointment. I’ve had a roller coaster career these last 2 years, and finally found some things that I’m good at and enjoy doing. So to hear that they are being cancelled, with one not even getting off the ground yet, is very disappointed, frustrating, and upsetting. My boss is gone for 2 weeks, and I don’t believe he knows about one of the projects status yet. A part of me thinks that everything will be ok, and another part, the one that got me upset, was that I should just start looking for a new job since I’m going nowhere anytime soon in this company right now. I stuck around the office for about an hour, checked the gym schedule, adn wondered if I should head there and get another class in (I did RPM at lunch). I didn’t have any shoes, and I was just too ticked off to do anything. So I left work, and was on the verge of tears as I drove home. There have been many a time in the past where I would be driving home and tears would stream down my face, but I know I”m stronger today, and through my faith in God, I know things will work out. So my mind is racing with ideas to try and save at least one of the programs, but I know I just need to turn to God and ask for his guidance and help during this trying time. That’s really all I can do right?

By the time I got home, with the ocean beckoning me as I drove over the hills of Carlsbad, I decided that a walk to the beach would probably do wonders for me. I leashed the dog and off we went. I listened to a podcast to get my mind off things and took in the beauty that is my town. I also took my new camera (of course) to grab some more shots!

The walk really did do me good. I cleared my mind, got the blood pumping, enjoyed the sun and the water, and knew that everything was going to be alright. I asked God to give me some guidance on how to approach things with work and I know He will. Tomorrow is another day, and I can only do so much. I can’t worry about what may or may not happen. God is looking after me.

Tomorrow, I have a dentist appt. Here’s hoping I have no cavities this time!

Watching: Oprah Behind the Scenes (love this show!)


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