it doesn’t get easier, it just gets better

203.365 i believe God is a bigger man than me,

Image by ashley rose, via Flickr

Where in the heck did the day go? It is 7:30 PDT and I feel like I did nothing I thought that I would do today. The funny thing is, is that I actually did do most of the things I said I would yesterday.

  • Woke up at 7am (ok I hit the snooze and rolled out at 7:05am) and made it to BodyPump at 8am, followed by 30 min. of walking. (burned 800 calories total, wooo!).
  • I didn’t make it to BodyFlow, I just didn’t want to wait around another hour, even though I had planned to read my book, Believing God by Beth Moore.
  • Had a half  good for me lunch (chicken and couscous) ruined by some chocolate and butterscotch chips. I really should have had a salad instead.
  • Watched my alma mater play hockey (so ticked about the game, we lost 1-3. No trip to the Frozen Four for me this year.

And that’s about it for the day  I had planned. I did run to Costco to buy a camera, and wouldn’t you know it, they only had the one on display left for sale. (of the one I wanted). I got my money back, and called the other closest store to see if they had it. They were holding the last one for someone, but he didn’t show, and I can pick it up tomorrow, yeah! It’s the Nikon Coolpix S4000. It’s not the greatest, but for the price, I thought the features will work for me. I mean my old camera had 6mp and this one has 12mp, so anything was an upgrade (well, my camera is broken).

Oh I’m also making some giant chocolate chip cookies, in which I’ve managed to eat way too much of the cookie dough. Um, yes, I know it is not good because of the raw eggs. But I’ve done it for years, and I can handle the consequences :).

it doesn’t get easier, it just gets better

I said this to a woman today at the gym who told me that I’m really strong :). We had just finished BodyPump and I went to fill up my water bottle and she was behind me. I turned around when I was done, and she said it! I said thank you, and said “It doesn’t get easier, it just gets better.” I can’t say that I coined that phrase, it’s just something I’ve heard from the instructors whenever we say that this or that class just doesn’t get any easier! And they reply it just gets better, or you just get stronger, or you just have to push yourself. Pretty much, it only gets easier if you stop trying. If you don’t add weight to the bar, if you don’t up the resistance on the bike, it will get easier, but will you really be doing yourself any good? I say no. So I’m going to continue to go to BodyPump and RPM and keep challenging myself. I’ll push my body to its limits, so I can make the change I so badly want. It’s not going to get easier, I’m going to get stronger, and things will be better for me.

Tomorrow: 8am RPM, can I do it?! I think so! Then to Costco to pick up my new camera. Then church, followed by some March Madness, and finally bar games in Solana Beach with friends to cap off the weekend.

Watching: DVR’d Shedding for the Wedding (ok so I’m fast forwarding it to the challenge and the weigh-in. I don’t really like this show, but any inspiration I can find, can only help!)


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