tomorrow is a new day, and so is the next

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Image by mondomuse via Flickr

I have totally stunk it up this week with my eating. I think it’s because it’s “that” time of month. But sitting here alone on a Friday night, reading through health and fitness blogs, watching college hockey, and eating terrible food, I know that tomorrow is a new day. Even though it’s Friday, and I feel like I should be out or at least stay up later than normal, I have decided that I will go to bed at my normal time. I will wake up at 7am to make it to the 8am BodyPump class. If my foot feels ok, I will do some cardio afterwards. I will take a break, read a book, have a snack, and head to the 10:45am BodyFlow class, where I can slow down and do some good for my body. I will come home, shower, have a good for me lunch, and settle in to watch some more college hockey (my alma mater plays at 1pm PDT, it’s tournament time!!!). I’ll do some cleaning, maybe some laundry, check in with friends, read more blogs, and just take care of myself. Maybe I’ll go to a movie or hit a bar for a drink with a friend. I’ll go to bed at a normal time again, and wake up to hit the Sunday 8am RPM class. This is what I get for skipping Friday’s RPM and for eating like a pig the last few days. After RPM, I’ll go to church and connect with friends and go deeper in my relationship with God. And then I’ll relax and enjoy all that life has given me. Ahhh, life is good and I am determined to make it even better.

Almost forgot, I finally did my taxes, and am getting back more than I thought. Sooooo, I’m going to buy myself a new camera this weekend, since my other one is broken. Any suggestions? I’m looking at a point and shoot, under $150, can’t decide between Nikon or Canon.


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