being ‘somewhat’ good

credit: JarekPredki via photobucket

I was going to title this post “self-control,” but I heard a great sermon the last 2 weeks at church on self-control, and I want to write a post about it, so I’m saving that title for another day. So instead, I’ll going to write about being somewhat good (i.e. I am exercising some self-control) regarding my diet.

I stepped on the scale this morning. Not surprising, I gained 2 lbs. I ate terribly last week: pints of ice cream, homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, oreo’s, box of chocolate chip cookies,chocolate vanilla caramels, huge bowls of cereal, and several mini snickers, reese’s, etc. I don’t know what came over me, but something was obviously going on that I “needed” this “comfort” food. I don’t know why I couldn’t convert my feelings or my boredom into something productive. I just couldn’t. I wasn’t worried about the scale, I just wanted to eat the crap. I know I need to become laser-focused on my goals and need to eat right. I’ve got the exercise pretty well down. I think I can increase the exercise, but I know I may have to eat more. I know that I have decisions to make every minute of every day, and I need to focus on my 3 words that I want to know and feel and believe this year: confidence, joy, and beauty. Eating crap does not equate to those 3 words. Gotta keep my mind in the game.

So…onto the ‘being somewhat good’ part. Yesterday, I ate pretty well, with the exception of some of the chocolate vanilla caramels and some mini candy bars (thanks to my co-worker who keeps a big ol’ jar of chocolate on her desk). Last night I came home, made some salmon and asparagus, and was really craving ice cream or cookies after dinner. Instead, I went back to reading. I have been trying to finish this book by Beth Moore so I can start my new book. Really, what better way was there to avoid eating, than to read a book called “Believing God” which is teaching me to, what else, believe God! It brought over a calmness and lessened the desire for me to eat. Plus it was about my bedtime and I knew I had to put the gym bag and my lunch together. And I wanted to watch a few TV shows. So I call this a small victory, not going to the store and not eating after dinner! (oh, and I did RPM class at lunchtime, 550 calories burned!!!)

The second ‘being somewhat good happened’ today. I went to BodyPump at lunchtime (burning 450 calories, woo!) and wanted that creaminess and delight that is frozen yogurt. Stopped by Xtreme Yogurt and got creamy caramel and vanilla froyo (ok, with chocolatey goodness toppings). Not really all that good for me, but it satisfied my craving for something cold and creamy and yummy. Came home after work,made a shrimp dish, Spanish-Style Shrimp with Garlic, and settled in. I was really in the mood to bake something after that. I have a new cookies recipe book and wanted to try something from there. I flipped through it, but nothing really stuck out for me, except for my fave, Chocolate Chip Cookies. I was about to hop in my car to get the choco chips from the store, but stopped. I remembered last night and how I fought through the cravings by reading a book. So I settled into my bed, and read another chapter. So glad that I did. And now I’m watching the Biggest Loser, and while I’d like to bake something, I’m not itching to run to the store. That trip to the store would have probably resulted in chocolate chips, some ice cream, magic shell, and probably some cookies. Ok, maybe not that much, but at least 2 of those things. But not anymore. I can feel myself changing inside and out. I’m not denying myself these things, I’m just changing my focus, and letting that craving subside. It also helps to remember how crappy I feel the next day after indulging in any of these. And I want to go to the gym tomorrow feeling fantastic!

So what have I learned in my latest adventures…

  • I don’t like to feel like crap in the morning and eating crap at night leads to this.
  • Reading is a great way to stop the my cravings for sweets.
  • God is who He says He is, God can do what He says He can do, I am who God says I am, I can do all things through Christ, and God’s word is alive and active in me! (from Believing God by Beth Moore)
  • I can make pretty good and tasty food.
  • I won’t turn into a sea creature by eating seafood 3 nights in a row!
  • Frozen yogurt is good…in moderation.

Tomorrow is Hump Day, and another day for me to be ‘somewhat good.’ Ok, I’m really going to try to ‘be good’ instead!

Watching: The Biggest Loser (so glad they brought Jay, instead of Arthur, back)

{I really need to get a new camera, my blog posts seem super long since I have no pictures to post!}


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