church with friends

credit: photobucket

I have been going to my current church for about a year. At first, I would go to the service, greet people at the appropriate time of the service,and then leave without saying a word to anyone else. Then the pastor talked about community,  that it really takes a community to feel and understand the power of God. Last Winter, I e-mailed with one of the small group leaders, but never got up the courage to go to a meeting. I felt community slipping away. Summer came and went, and I was determined to find a small group right for me. The same person that I had e-mailed with in the Spring, was leading an all woman’s group. Aaah, my comfort zone. So I took the leap and went to one of the pastor’s houses since his wife was co-leading the group. Wow, was I ever glad I did. There’s anywhere from 6-8 of us, each Thursday, and as we meet and talk and discuss our lives and our faith, I learn so much and I finally feel that I have my community. I joined the church last Fall as a member, and continue going to small groups through the Winter. It is so wonderful to go to church on Sundays and see people who I know, that I’ve connected with, that I can sit with and worship with and pray with. I’ve tried several churches in San Diego, and would always see a group of friends sitting together, and always wanted to reach that point where I knew some people to be able to sit with. Well, this Sunday, that was me! I was surrounded my friends, my small group, my community. It was a great feeling as we sat together, worshiped together, and prayed together. I am so thankful that God has brought these beautiful women into my life. I am so looking forward to seeing our group grow and continue to build on our community.


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