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I have been super busy! Since my last post (which I actually pre-wrote to be sure it posted on my dog’s birthday) a lot has been going on.

Two weeks ago I went to Austin, TX for work. It was a quick overnight trip. Uneventful flights, nice hotel, and good food. I really want to go back to check out the downtown scene with all the music clubs and other night life. My friend and I are planning a 4 day weekend and I put Austin as one of our choices!

Last week I went to Minneapolis/Rochester, MN for another overnight work trip. We went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and it is quite impressive. Again, this was a quick trip, with no time to do much of anything. I spent 5 hours in the MSP airport waiting for my boss and our consultant since their flights were delayed causing missed connections. I went to this fabulous restaurant called Ike’s for lunch. I had their Kitchen Burger, which was awesome! It has blue cheese, which I love, and bacon. You cannot go wrong with that combination. After lunch I found an empty gate area and did some work. Then I took a walk and found a better place to sit and chill out. I arrived in MSP around 2pm. My boss was scheduled to get in at 6:30. So I met him at his gate, and we went back to Ike’s. I raved about it and I knew my boss would like it. We still had another hour to wait for our consultant to get in. I got something light, the Knife and Fork Caesar. It was pretty good, I loved the shave parmesan. My boss got the fried walleye, which he made me try (he also made me try redfish when we were in Austin). Um, I’m not a big fresh water fish kind of person. I tried a small bite, and it was ok. I would not order it, but the batter it was in was nice and light and crispy. By the time we finished, our consultant’s flight landed and we headed to the car rental place and went on our way to Rochester. We had some good meetings the next day, and headed back to Minneapolis for another meeting. Finally it was time to head to the airport. And guess where we had dinner again? Oh yes, Ike’s! I had the grilled chicken bacon sandwich or something like that. It had Wisconsin cheddar cheese and bacon. Again another combination you can’t go wrong with.

So that brings us to this weekend.


I have spent the last 6-8 weeks or so planning an event for work where we brought in 25 customers for a workshop. And it was this weekend. It started Friday night with a welcome reception, and the hotel totally rocked it. Great food, great drinks, and great company. Saturday morning started at 7am with breakfast, and then a full day of learning for everyone. Everything went very smoothly. Dinner was at the Chart House in Cardiff. So good! And Sunday we had a short session so everyone could get to the airport on time to head home. I received so many compliments and thank you’s, it’s almost been overwhelming! This meeting completely exceeded expectations, even mine! I am so excited about work now, and looking forward to actually having ownership of something and feeling like I accomplished something great.

So now for this week. Busy recapping from the weekend, writing thank-you’s, catching up on 2 weeks worth of e-mails, and just trying to breathe. Thursday starts a meeting down in San Diego, so I’ll sort of be on the road. I’m kind of looking forward to the meeting, but mostly to seeing people I’ve known for several years now. And now that I’m starting to settle into my role in the company, and not trying to be in anyone else’s business, I think I can relax.

So with all this going on, my eating and exercising has gone down the tubes. I did get to spin class yesterday at lunch. It felt good. So once this week is over, I can get back to planning my meals, buying my groceries, and cooking up some good food.

That is all. I’m tired just recapping everything!


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