i failed

Yes, after a day of eating properly, I have failed. I couldn’t stop thinking about Oreo’s on my drive home, so what do I do, I pull into the grocery store and pick up not one but two packs of Oreo’s. Shoot, they were on sale, hence the two packages. I have no idea why I do this. I get fixated on a food (a bad one at that) and just have to have it 24/7. I’ve probably eaten 3/4 of the package already, in like 15 min.

I don’t know why I have blogged about this either, but I am trying to be more accountable and I figure by posting on my blog, it will help me. Either someone will see this and send me encouraging words, and/or I will review my posts and remember just how awful I felt as I was writing this. And I did so good today. I even tracked my food on Dr. Oz’s ShareCare website (his 11 weeks to fit mind and body or something like that). I did PHIT class and burned almost 500 calories. I just can’t get my eating under control.

Now do I even eat dinner? Do I let all those oreo’s be dinner? I feel like crap now since I just loaded my belly with fat, carbs, and sugar. I think I’ll wait and see if I get hungry and really try to pay attention to those hunger pains. Are they really for food, or do they stand for something else.

Ugh, tomorrow is a new day. Let’s hope it goes better.


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