it’s wii time!

Wii Fit

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I thought for sure I would have had my resolutions written up, but I haven’t. It’s a good thing I have the day off! I have written several items down, so now I just need to formulate those into true, approachable, and achievable resolutions for 2011. That’s what I hope to get done today.

Of course, always on the list of resolutions is to exercise. Well, I didn’t do that on the 1st or the 2nd, and thought I would get up today and walk the dog and hit the gym for a 9:30am class. Well, the dog woke me at 7:30, and all’s I wanted to have was the leftover ice cream in my freezer. So I had that for breakfast (of course after I took the dog out). Then I goofed around on my computer, catching up on news, e-mails, and blogs. Then I though, ok, I might as well go for a walk. It looked like it was clearing up outside. So I put my workout clothes on, and my dog gets all excited. I left my shoes in my car, and as I run out to get them, it starts to rain, gah! I was so ready for a quick walk down to the beach. I still took the dog around the corner to do her business. She has really been whining a lot lately to go outside, and driving me crazy. So I came back in, debated going to the gym, but instead got ready for Wii Fit!

I like Wii Fit, just not somehting I want to do everyday or that I feel can help me reach my ultimate goals. But I decided to start over on it and give it a chance. It is a good workout for beginners, and while I’ve never thought of myself as a beginning exerciser, I know that a week off from working out puts me back at that level. I put my heart rate monitor on, and went on my Wii journey. First step was to erase my previous Mii. I wanted a fresh start, so none of my past weights, bmi’s, or workouts were in the system anymore. As anyone that it familiar with Wii Fit, you can choose to weigh yourself first and take a balance test. Well, I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning, but I figured I at least need a baseline so I let the Wii weigh me. It was only 11am by this time. Hmm, not really happy with what it showed, but hey it’s day 1, and seeing that number is an accomplishment for me since I’ve been avoiding the scale for the past month.

So I chose some Yoga and Strength moves to do, which were easy enough. Then I did some of the activities that really got my heart rate up there and they were fun. I ended up doing an hour on the Wii Fit. Of course it was probably more like 45 min. since it takes so many breaks to change the exercises and tell you you’ve done a good job. But all in all, I was sweating and got my heart rate up there and burned a bunch of calories. Probably not enough for the ice cream I ate earlier, but it was a start.

So here are my Wii stats for the day:

  • Weight: 239.9
  • Wii Fit Age: 29 (my actual age is 33 :))
  • Time: 65 minutes
  • Calories: 574 (45% fat)
  • Heart Rate Avg: 142 (max was 167!)

All in all, it was pretty fun to do on a rainy day, I got a pretty good heart rate going, and I didn’t have to battle the resolutionaries at the gym (oh wait, I’m one of those people, but hopfully I’ll last longer than 99% of them!).

On the agenda for the rest of the day:

  • make lunch
  • read small group book
  • meal plan and grocery shop (I think my 6 week self-imposed ban from Costco is over, I need chicken!)
  • if it stops raining, walk the dog (that would make my 2nd workout of the day :).)
  • laundry
  • make dinner
  • make meals for week
  • catch up on some blogs!

That’s kind of a full rest of the day. I best be off to get things done.


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