reflecting on 2010 goals

About 6 months ago I created some priorities in my life because things were kind of spiraling out of control. I wrote them down in a little red notebook and I found that notebook a few weeks ago and looked at it. Yes, I had forgotten that I had done this. But it’s amazing what writing things down does for you subconciously.

Here’s what my basic priorities were back in June:

  1. Family
  2. God
  3. Health
  4. Career
  5. Friendships

I also rated them on a scale of 1-10, with 1 = poor and 10 = excellent. Family was at a 7, God was at a 5, Health was a 1, Career was a 5, and Friendships a 3. So my health and my friendships were basically in the crapper. But I was at least in touch with God, my career was on a good course, and we don’t really have any family drama. My goal was to have a future state of 10 for each of these. I even wrote “All are excellent rated in the future. Always strive for EXCELLENCE!” Looking back, I probably would have written something else, it just doesn’t sound right for this now.

The next page detailed my 1 year goals, so I actually still have until June of 2011 to reach these, which means I can turn some of these into 2011 Resolutions (which will be my post for Jan. 1st!). Here are the goals I had set:

  1. Family
    1. visit sister in Chicago–DONE in Nov.
    2. visit mom and dad–DONE in Nov. for Thanksgiving
    3. spend more time with other sister (who is 45 min. away)–mmm, not really, although I did see her and spent Christmas with her and family
  2. God
    1. attend a church on a regular basis–sort of done. I was doing really good for a while, but have slacked off lately. I did attend new members class and joined the church. I was very excited to have done that.
    2. involved in a small group–DONE! I am in a great group of about 8 ladies who meet once a week. I really enjoy it and can’t wait for the new year to get even more connected with them.
    3. read the Bible–not really. Every so often I’d read a devotional and read the associated verses. I think my goal here was to actually read through the Bible from start to finish. I think I’ll be more specific next time.
  3. Health
    1. consistently working out–sort of. I was off and on for a while, and have been attending PHIT classes about 2-3 x per week during work. I’d still give myself about a 2 on this one.
    2. eating well–nope, ice cream and cookies are still my downfall
    3. lose 50 lbs–hmm, nowhere close, the scale moved the other way, grr!
  4. Career
    1. increased responsibility–I think I’ve sort of met this one. There’s always more I want responsibility for. I do have a few projects that I have ownership of.
    2. promotion–didn’t happen, nor did I ask for it, or even what I can do to be considered for a promotion
    3. raise–didn’t happen either, but again this was a 1 year goal, and we have reviews coming up, with raises coming in April (hopefully the company is able to do raises this year), so there’s still a chance
  5. Friendships
    1. monthly meetings with the Bunco girls–well, I think we only really had two formal ones set up, plus a couple of parties and dinners/brunches. I think I made it to the two formal ones (formal means we meant to play bunco) and one birthday party. For the other ones I was out of town, if I recall correctly. I met this one about halfway I would say.
    2. meet new people and work to develop relationships–well I did meet new people, but I didn’t develop any relationships with any of them outside of work, or small group, or meetup organized events, and that was my goal for this one.
    3. listen and work to become closer with people–hmm, very similar to the one before, but I believe I was thinking I should become closer with people I already know, who are sort of on the periphery of my life right now. So, I didn’t achieve this one either.

So, I really only met 3 of the goals, and those were pretty simple, but specific things. Although several others I am on my way to acheiving. As I write out my resolutions, I’m going to use these goals as a guide, and rewrite them to be more specific, but not too specific that I won’t be able to achieve them!

Also, I’m going to change the order of my priorities. God is going to be first and foremost for me in the New Year!

I found this saying on Photobucket. I really like it, it may become my quote for the year. 2011 is going to be a good one for me.


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