christmas in review

I like Christmas. I like decorating my place, I like putting up my tree and seeing the new ornaments I got throughout the year, I like having a few extra days off work, I like Christmas cut-out cookies, and I like my family. But I must say it isn’t my favorite holiday (that would be Thanksgiving). So much build up, so many grouches at the stores, impatient people, rude people, and the spending of all that money. What I do love about Christmas is the spirit of giving and being content with what I have been given. When I was younger, I would go through the Sears or JC Penney or Service Merchandise catalogs and mark all the toys I wanted. I would have a list every year. I was so greedy! But when the day came, I was grateful and thankful for whatever it was. I would make the most of it. We did pretty well when I was a kid, we didn’t hurt for clothes or cars or food or shelter. We were the typical middle class family. And as I’ve grown up and become wiser in my age (maybe?!) Christmas is becoming more about the meaning behind those material things.

I still send out lists, but they are more of things I need out of necessity than anything lavish or expensive. I feel bad when I ask for the $100 ipod or this year I had the Le Crueset cast-iron skillet on my list. It was really just an example, I would gladly accept the $20 version from Wal-mart. My parents send me money every year, which is nice so I can go and buy what I want (and not feel guilty that it’s the ipod!). Most everyone always wants more, but I think we are all truly blessed with what we have and what we are given. God did not put us on this Earth to be greedy or to have more than we need. He put us here to give and and make someone’s day. So that is what Christmas is to me, making someone’s day, getting my mom a Starbucks card because I know she goes there everyday, getting my dad a Macy’s card, my sister a Visa card, my other sister a Marshall’s card, a nephew a sport chalet card, and clothes for my nieces, and toys for my nephews. The only thing missing was being able to see the look on half of my family’s faces when they opened their gifts from me. I know I am truly grateful for what I received and it made my day on Dec. 25th. Other days will be made when I use my new grill pan to cook with, use my Williams-Sonoma gift card to find something for my kitchen, read the books I got, and use the money I was given to pay off some debt. I didn’t get anything outlandish or crazy, I got practical things, things I can continue to use after Christmas Day is done. And I thank God that I have a wonderful family that has provided me joy and love and gifts of grace.

Now, I just want to thank my family for these wonderful gifts! I wouldn’t have bought these on my own, so I thank you all for making my day on Christmas and for many days to come (mom, dad-I bought the perfume and Old Navy clothes with the cash, the rest goes to debt! Thanks!)


I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas, and enjoy the last week of 2010.

New Year and New Resolutions to come in just a few days, woohoo!


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