one more comparison

I have to post one last comparison shot. This is from Duke University, the famous chapel that is just stunning. I was there in Nov. so just the end of the trees changing colors. It was a good pic before, but stunning with the colors in the “after” with Picasa!


Before Picasa

After Picasa

So it isn’t perfect since I couldn’t single out the saturation changes to only the trees, so the chapel itself may be a little bit off color, but I kind of like it.

For reference, here is a shot from Duke’s website:


I couldn’t find one from the angle I took mine (was just near the student center there), so this is the closest I can get. I did end up changing the color of the stone to be lighter, but the focal point is the beautiful orange and red of the trees. I still like mine the best.

Ok I’m done doing photo comparisons (ok, maybe not), but this is just so cool!




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