picasa, where have you been my whole life?!?!

I have discovered PICASA!!! I am so excited. I was reading Centsational Girl’s blog and she gave pointers on how to take better pictures, and finishes it up with her little secret, that by using Picasa you improve the picture, like 1000%. So I tried it out.

Here’s my angel tree topper before Picasa

My awful, ugly, very dirty vertical horizontal blinds are in the background. So here is my angel tree topper with doing some adjustments with Picasa:

Not bad, huh. I really like it, how the background is now dark. It also shows off the antique look of the angel so much better. And it looks really big! I bought it (or maybe my mom gave it to me?) as an ornament, then used it on top of my 2′ little tree, and now with my 3.5′ tree it’s just a little too small. But I love the picture of it.

So I have a new love in life! Picasa, you are so awesome, and now I will never go to bed!

EDIT (like 5 minutes later!)

I tried another picture. This is a pretty crappy pic I took from a moving car, but I wanted to post another example.

Now, check out the Picasa-ized version…

The building isn’t crooked anymore! It’s straight, and I got rid of the car shadow/sidewalk. The colors a little bit improved, but seeing as how it was sunny out and it used natural light, it didn’t need to change so much. And I added some text to it so people know what it is!

Note: I must say that I am in no way, shape, or form an Ohio State fan. My alma mater was playing them the day after Thanksgiving, and I was in town to visit my parents so we went. We got obliterated, but that’s ok. We’ll be fine in the conference :).

Now I can’t wait to use picasa to do some Magic to some of my dog’s pictures!!!


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