Merry Christmas

It’s just a few days until Christmas, and I wanted to wish everyone a Merry one! I figure with my sporadic posts, I should just cover everything now while I’m on here.

I finally found my camera, it was under some papers in a spot I thought I had left it. I just hadn’t looked hard enough.

I spent the Sunday after Thanksgiving putting up my tree and decorating my “mantel.” Then the next weekend I made Buckeyes, a delicious chocolate dipped peanut butter delight. I also tried to get the dog to pose with a cute Santa hat, but you’ll see, she obviously did not like it. Then last weekend I finished up the shopping and was able to ship it all out to my sister. And this weekend I did a few Christmas cards. I decided not to send a bunch out, since it seems like everyone is cutting back.

So here is my pictorial essay of my decorating, baking, and torturing for the holidays.

starting the tree. i love using cut up fake poinsettias to add some pizazz to the tree

the finished tree!

my newest ornament, from my trip to Durham in November

another new ornament this year, from New Orleans

a third new one, i got last year after Christmas at a Temecula winery

angel tree topper. it's a bit small for this tree, hoping to find a new one at an after Christmas. i just love having an angel to top the tree!

my "mantel." i just added a few simple Christmas items to my year-round display. i'm looking for some greens and berries at an after Christmas sale to add next year

stockings and card holder. pretty plain wall i know. i'm looking for a wreath after Christmas!

love these cards. sending out just a few this year. i got a late start!

from my work gift exchange. i think i made out pretty well!

peanut butter balls

ready to dip in the chocolate!

absolute heaven!

pre-putting a santa hat on

please no pictures with this ridiculous hat on

maybe if i roll over it will come off

finally, it's off, now time to destroy! (i got it away from her just in time!)


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