i’ve lost my camera!!!

Yikes! I put it down somewhere, I think in my apartment, and now I can’t find it. I probably have over 100 pictures on it. I hadn’t downloaded them yet since I couldn’t find the USB cord, but now I’ve found it and can’t find the camera. Grrrrr. I’m so mad at myself! I had been waiting to blog again so I could have pictures to show, but now I can’t find the frickin’ camera. Maybe if I sleep on it, I’ll remember where I put it. Or maybe I just need to clean this place up! I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in the house. And I checked my purse, twice, and it’s not in there. I know I will find it, it just makes me mad since I was so ready to do some downloading and then some bloggin’. Please send good vibes that I will find the camera! I really have a lot of great stuff to share!


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