to move or not to move…

I had a bit of a scare last week and thought that I might have to move. My landlord required us to sign a new lease agreement since they are raising rent and my lease was with the old owner and not the property mgmt. company. Well the lease stated it was for 1 year and that I couldn’t have a pet. I freaked out, so I started looking at a few places and browsing Craigslist. Everything is ok, and it was a misunderstanding, so I can have my dog and am on a month-to-month lease. But I still kept looking, wondering if something better was out there. And I think I found it…

awesome backyard

I have wanted a backyard for a while now, where I can plant a garden, let the dog roam free, and enjoy al fresco dining. Well I spotted this place on Craigslist and had to go take a look. They are asking for more than what I’m paying now, plus a dog rent fee ($75, a bit high IMO). Since I looked at it on Friday I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I didn’t love it, but I don’t love the place I’m in right now either. So I figured I should start a pro/con list and see what wins out.

Pros to moving to duplex with a big backyard:

  • Big, fenced in backyard
  • Citrus trees
  • duplex style (only 1 connecting wall)
  • on 1 acre of land with about 5 other little houses
  • updated kitchen
  • patio furniture included
  • skylights in kitchen and bathroom makes it very bright
  • very private
  • w/t paid for
  • large, open garage
  • storage space
  • can move in immediately
  • close to freeway access (CA-78)
  • very quiet, country-like atmosphere
  • one neighbor has chickens and one has a pig (maybe the chicken neighbor will give me some eggs!)
  • did i mention the kick ass backyard
  • hilly area would be great for walking workouts
  • 15 min. to work (I’m 20 min. now)
  • cute landlord
  • comes with window coverings
  • washer and dryer (shared, but NOT coin-operated!)
  • plant a garden!

Cons to moving to this house

  • $170 more than I’m paying now
  • about 7 miles to the beach (I’m <1 mile from it now)
  • smaller bedroom
  • not as much cabinet space in kitchen
  • a neighbor smokes (have the same problem now)
  • tile floor in kitchen/living area, hand poured painted concrete in bedroom (would have preferred hardwood, at least some carpet in bedroom. will need area rugs=extra expense)
  • living area is a little small
  • Neighbor to the back has what looks like a junkyard for his backyard, like 3 broken down and stripped cars
  • no disposal or dishwasher (I don’t have a dishwasher now, so that’s not a dealbreaker)
  • no A/C (don’t have this now either)
  • small bathroom, no counter space


Pros to staying in current place

  • Near the beach
  • cheaper, can save more money to pay off debt
  • convenient to stores and nightlife
  • easy access to I-5
  • 20 min. drive to work
  • lots of storage
  • large kitchen
  • open floor plan, bigger in square footage
  • large bathroom
  • feel safe in area
  • disposal
  • w/t paid for
  • laundry room on-site

Cons to staying

  • smoking neighbor
  • freeway noise
  • outer door leads into bedroom
  • berber carpet (it’s good, just needs a deep cleaning)
  • no yard (and no citrus trees!)
  • white walls
  • coin-operated laundry room

So, I’ve made my decision…I’m NOT moving. As much as there are so many pros, the major con is the cost. I just do not have the extra $170 a month to move to this place. And while I did work the numbers and could make it work, I am reminded of what Dave Ramsey says: “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.” I have a lot of debt that I just started working to pay off. And if I put that extra money to my debt, I will pay it off that much faster. I figure that once I pay my debts, I can search for a new place, one that has all the items on my list that I’ve always wanted (dishwasher, A/C, yard, etc.). I know that God will always provide, and right now I have everything I need in my current place.


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