I was kind of the grinch this year for Halloween. My office has department contests, and my dept. did Alice in Wonderland. I kept thinking about what role I wanted to play, but each required spending money on a costume. So I said screw it, I’m not going to participate. And all was good. I wore orange and black, so at least I was in the spirit of Halloween. Plus I had a conference call at the time the judges came through to vote on our department. But I had to share this fantastic picture of my co-workers in costume:


Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

We only got 3rd place, what a bummer. Some of the people put in a lot of time and effort for it. Our customer service dept. won with a Wild Wild West theme. I was really impressed with them, they had a saloon and brothel, lol!

And just so everyone knows, I’m not always a grinch on Halloween. Last year, we did a pirate theme for the department, and I was a pirate wench, complete with blonde wig! (We got second last year.) And the year before that we did In-N-Out burgers. We even had real burgers! A few pics from last year…

Pirate's Cove


Pirate wench and Cher


sexy witch and the pirate wench

YouTube video



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