10 things…

I learned this week:

1. Using a cash-only system for my daily necessities (food, toiletries, clothes, entertainment, and household goods) is going to pay off.

2. I can stand in front of the entire congregation and reaffirm my commitment to the Lord.

3. I can share with my small group and not be judged or worry about what they are thinking.

4. I’m the only one who felt bad about not participating in the Halloween craze at work this year. No one else really cared or was judging me that I didn’t participate.

5. My Wii Fit does still work, even though it’s been 187 days since I used it.

6. I am committed to getting out of debt by not living beyond my means, by saying no to things I really want, and by knowing the difference between a want and a need.

7. I am strong enough to finish PHIT class (circuit training/boot camp style class).

8. I am not strong enough to say no to the chocolate and candy around the office, nor am I strong enough to avoid the ice cream aisle at the grocery.

9. I can go to the dentist, get a crown put on, and not feel any pain the next day (except for what my pocketbook is feeling).

10. Awkward conversations with guys can make you laugh at yourself.




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