new place to write

Over the weekend, I finally got around to clearing off my desk. My desk has been buried under a bunch of papers and other crap for over 2 years! I finished my MBA in June of 2008, and that was really the last time I probably used my laptop at my desk. My laptop has been living on my coffee table or my sofa! See, my desk is in my bedroom, where I have no TV. It was perfect for when I was getting my MBA, no TV to distract. But after that, I didn’t really care if the TV was on, since I was just browsing the web or e-mailing or posting to Facebook. Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve wanted to get back to writing at my desk, and maybe one day have a profound or inspiring post, just like all the bloggers that I read and follow. And all because I’m sitting at a desk, ha ha! So while I still have a lot of work to do to get my desk back in order, I have 2 bags of stuff that I need to find a home for within my small desk, I am excited to be back at my desk and do some “real writing”.

Not very exciting or inspiring, but I’ll get there with it. I’d love to get a new desk (one that isn’t from Ikea), but the funds are low and the bills are high. It is functional, and that’s all I really need right now.

{And yes, that is the super pack of toilet paper from Costco under the desk. I don’t have room for it anywhere else!}


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