monday is over, phew!

Monday is just about over, woohoo! After an eventful weekend, I really could have used another day off!

First, I went to Del Mar to The Gourmet Experience on Saturday and met Jasmine from Jasmine is an awesome writer so I will refer to her summary here, complete with pictures. My ramblin’ recap: I expected a lot more out of this event. There were some food tastings at the booths, but they were miniscule bites and many I would not consider gourmet. I mean, granola bars, come on, I don’t consider those gourmet food. I know, they weren’t your typical granola bars, and they were good, but I was still a bit disappointed. However, I did enjoy the “Spirit Pavilion,” which was set up with wine tastings, beer tastings, brandy tasting, cocktail tasting (made with all-natural mixers), and tequila tastings! The wine was just so-so, but the beer was awesome. Firestone Walker DBA beer was excellent, as was the Trumer Pilsner. Refine is a company that has mixers that are all-natural and have no sugar or calories! And they weren’t that bad. I tried the mojito one, and they also have margarita and cosmo mixes. (And yes, they did have alcohol in them.) I did not try the tequila as I’m not a tequila fan, and the line for brandy was too long. The event also had cooking demos, and I wish I had planned my day better and stuck around for more of those. But I did get to try Brian Malarkey‘s shrimp and grits. First time I ever had grits, and they were good! All in all, it was an ok event. I think this was the first year for it, and I hope that it gets better and bigger next year. Not sure if I’ll pay the money for it, but it was a good day out. (And like Jasmine, I did not like paying $9 for parking, ack!)

I had to leave a bit early from Del Mar, and headed home and settled into my sofa with my computer on to watch my beloved Miami RedHawks play in the Victory Bell game versus our rival Cincinnati. I really had a good feeling about the game, thinking we would be competitive, and might escape with the W. Well, within about 25 seconds of the start of the game, we were already down 7-0. Not a way you want to start a game. By the end of the 1st quarter, we were down 28-0 and never recovered. Bah! We ended up losing 45-3, and I still can’t believe it. The team had shown so much improvement over last year, tripling the number of wins already (that wasn’t hard to do, we only won 1 game last year!) and playing Florida close. Oh well, one consolation is that UC is not in our conference, and we are UNDEFEATED in the MAC. There is still hope of a bowl game :).

Sunday was an amazing day. I have been attending a church in Solana Beach for several months, and have really felt at home there. The New Member class was yesterday, so I went and got to give my testimony of my reaffirmation of faith. And I am now a member of a wonderful church. I had strayed, but never too far, from having faith in the Lord, and know that he guided me to this church for me to join. I have become involved in the church with tutoring at the after-school program, participating in Community Serve Day, and getting involved in a small group. I am just so excited about what my next steps are on this path that God has created for me.

After church, I went shopping! I had a Nordstrom gift certificate to use up by the 15th, and had run out of some makeup, so that’s what I got. Nothing too exciting. Although I did check out the shoes, particularly the Stuart Weitzman’s. Oh Stewie, how I love your shoes and the to-die-for red and wonderful patterns.

And to end the weekend, I made chocolate chip cookies! I even made some for anyone who has stumbled on my rambling post…


golden brown, mmm, oh so good

To negate the effects of these cookies (and the cookie dough!) I ate, I participated in a PHIT class that my company offers. It is 45 minutes of circuit training during the lunch hour. Oh boy, was it tough, but I did it, burned off over 450 calories, and will live to see another day. Back at it on Weds. I’m so lucky my company offers this opportunity, and for free as long as I go to 75% of the classes over the next 12 weeks. It is 3 days a week, so I can miss 9 total, but I don’t plan on missing too many!

I am feeling so much better these days now that I have started to work out, and eat right most of the time. Just have to remember these good days if I ever retreat back into being a lazy couch bum. And hopefully the scale and the tape measure will show some decreased numbers over the next few weeks! I really need to see some progress to keep motivated.

That’s all, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading my rambling, nonsensical post ;).

Currently watching: House Hunters


One response to “monday is over, phew!

  1. Love those red shoes with a capital L. My husband would drool on this computer over those cookies. He says I never let him have anything good and I make him spend his weekends at “gourmet” events that don’t serve any food. Gah! :p

    Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

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