thankful for today

Thankful for ibuprofen!

Today did not start out so good. I woke up way too early (4:30, yikes!) and watched some tv. I had a great deal of pain in my shoulders, and couldn’t fall back asleep very well. Ibuprofen helped and I eventually got a few more hours of sleep. I have discovered that if I drink too much wine or beer the night before, then my shoulders really hurt, like a deep aching pain. I know, it’s weird, but I vaguely remember hearing something about this a while ago, like it’s related to calcium deposits (I don’t know if I have these in my shoulders, but I did have a bout with tendonitis when I was a teenage swimmer. Sometimes these deposits can form due to inflammation like tendonitis. So I assume I have these. Yes I’m self-diagnosing :).)

Thankful  for a winning football team and getting things done!

So after I woke up for the second time, I settled in to listen to my college football team on internet radio. They won, woohoo! While I was listening, I was motivated to get some things done around the apartment. Cleaning dishes, picking up clothes, taking out trash & recyclables, and clearing off my coffee table. How things collect in areas that you use the most!

Thankful for the sale at Henry’s!

After the game, I hit my favorite grocery, Henry’s Farmer’s Market. Picked up lots of fresh fruits and veggies on sale!

Thankful for family, sunshine, and good pizza

Lastly, my sister and her family came to the beach today and we met up at Pizza Port Carlsbad. It was a gorgeous day for them to come. Plenty of sun and warm weather. While I love the beach, I’m not one to go there for hours on end, so I didn’t join them. I just let them have their family time. We got to Pizza Port just in time to see the Padres win, they still can make the playoffs! And then settled in to drink some beer, eat some beer buddies, and pepperoni pizza.

Thankful for fun chick lit!

After dinner I finished “My Fair Lazy” by Jen Lancaster. If you aren’t familiar with her writing, she writes memoirs, and seriously I thought she was writing about my life. She’s a reality tv addict. I’m not that bad, but I do love good and not-so-good tv. The end of the book put a smile on my face. I can’t wait to read more of her memoirs!

Thankful for today!

So as I sit here tonight, not worried about much, I think of how I’m so lucky. It is days like these that I give thanks to God that I have a family that loves me, a home to live in, food in my fridge, a car that runs, a job with steady income, and a body that has yet to quit on me.


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