travel adventures: anaheim, california

Last week I had to go to Anaheim for a trade show. My company had a booth to exhibit our products. It was nice because I didn’t have to get on a flight or change time zones. But there are better places to go than Anaheim, and I didn’t even get a chance to go to Disneyland! It was an hour drive, and traffic was fairly light. It was a beautiful day…

yes, i'm driving!

I stayed at the Sheraton Park Hotel, right near the convention center. I am a Starwood Gold level member and I was crossing my fingers for an upgrade. And I scored! Not just the preferred guest floor, but the…


There is a Club Lounge on the floor, which had continental breakfast and cocktail hour. I thought that since I was on the Club level, I had access to the lounge. Sadly I did not, but I still squirreled my way into one breakfast. One lady was coming out, as I was putting my key in. At that time I didn’t know I didn’t have access. Apparantly only Platinum level members get access, or I can use my points for access. Oh well, at least I enjoyed one free meal :). I did get some other “free” meals at the conference, there was an opening night reception, which was nice, and then lunches in the exhibit hall on the other days.

The Sheraton did not disappoint. On check-in, they gave us a $25 gift card to use at any of the on-site restaurants or bars. My co-worker and I put those to good use! Then my upgraded room was really nice. It was probably the same size as the other guest rooms, but just positioned a bit differently. They were able to a full size sofa in my room!

club level room with king bed and full sofa!

my tiny balcony

About 3/4 of the rooms have regular balconies, enough room for 2 chairs. Unfortunately, did not get one of those, mine was tiny! Guess it was a good thing I didn’t spend a lot of time in the room. Being on the 14th floor, I had amazing views…

the view

the mountains in the distance

the crystal cathedral is in the middle of this pic

only the hilton stood between the Sheraton and the convention center

overlooking the pool bar, yummy mojitos!

look at that glistening pool, so inviting

the money shot...palm trees and water

full moon

If I had a room on the other side of the hotel, I would have seen this…

California Screamin' Roller Coaster at Cal. Adv.

Tower of Terror (Cal Adv), Space Mountain, and the Matterhorn (Disneyland)

My co-worker had to leave, so I had dinner by myself one night. I went to Overland Stage restaurant, sat at the bar, and had a very yummy halibut dish. It had crispy crab on top, asparagus with hollendaise, the halibut, all on top of mashed potatoes. Oh it was so good. I also had a couple of glasses of wine, a ceasar salad, and some chips and salsa. I so wanted dessert, but I was good and didn’t have it. So, that’s about it for Anaheim.

I made my way to my sister’s to spend some time with her, go to my nephew’s baseball game, and pick up the dog. It was really hot on the drive inland…


Little did I know, that my car would register 107 degrees two days later near the coast!

Two final parting shots from the road…


just gorgeous

Anaheim gets 2 thumbs up!


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