travel adventures~ft. wayne/warsaw, indiana

Downtown Warsaw

Downtown Warsaw

I debated posting this as one of my travel adventures, since I was there for only about 24 hours, but…

Right before the 4th of July, I headed to Warsaw, Indiana for a job interview. I know, who in their right mind would want to move from San Diego to Warsaw, Indiana? Me, that’s right. You see, I grew up about an hour from Warsaw, in the booming metropolis of Ft. Wayne, and I was sort of wanting to get back to the Midwest way of living. (Yes, I bought a copy of Midwest Living while I was there!) I like California, but I have been craving a big change, and returning to a place of comfort sounded like a good idea to me. Plus the job paid really well, and was similar to what I was already doing. When I say it paid really well, I mean I could live like a princess, I could pay off my debts, including student loans, with the extra amount that I would make, plus the lower cost of living. I so wanted the job, but after I interviewed, the only real reason why I would take the job was for the money. And while money is nice, I really want to like my job and the company, and the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t think that company was for me. I didn’t get the job, but if I did, I probably would be writing this from Indiana, and would be miserable. I just didn’t get a good feeling after I reflected on the people I interviewed with. I did feel really good about how I did in the interview, so I was proud of that, even though I didn’t get it. I did the best that I could, and I hadn’t felt like that, like I had given it my all, in a long while.

Sorry, I digressed. This is a travel post! So I got to fly into Ft. Wayne International Airport (I always knew it as Baer Field!), which I never realized was so small! There are only 10 gates. And, there is an elderly man waiting outside the boarding area handing out cookies! I’m dead serious. He said, “Hi, welcome to Ft. Wayne!” I felt like I was home again. Gotta love that Midwest hospitality! My trip started out wonderfully!

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to get in touch with some old friends, and we were able to meet up for dinner. JD and SH met me at Smokey Bone’s. Not my first choice, but I let them decide since I had no idea what was in the area, and I didn’t want them to go out of their way. I had to remember that nothing in Ft. Wayne is really out of the way! (Ok, it really isn’t that small, but going from one side of town to the other is like going from Carlsbad to San Marcos!) I hadn’t seen these girls in 8 or 9 years. We’d been friends since Kindergarten and 1st grade respectively, and have kept in touch on and off (hat tip to FB). It was like time stood still. Catching up on life and reminiscing about high school and summer swim teams and talking about old classmates, coaches, and teammates. I regret that I didn’t get any pictures of all of us, but our time is etched in my mind.

I said goodbye to my friends, and they wished me luck at the interview. I made my way an hour west to Warsaw. I forgot how flat and boring northern Indiana can be! I was thinking, if I live in the Fort, can I really make this drive everyday? (Hmmm, don’t think that I could have.) Then I pull into Warsaw. This is quintessential small town America. I was so excited to be there, just to see how the place had changed, which it really hadn’t. (I spent many a Saturday or Sunday in Warsaw at the local high school at swim meets. It was the only competition pool in northeast Indiana while I was growing up.) I cruise Main St., checking out the furniture and hardware stores and ice cream shop and local bar. Everything was so cute. I could see myself buying a little house down the street and walking to these places. There are also several lakes in the area, and I pictured myself owning a lake house with a boat and enjoying summers there, and inviting the whole family to the lake for summer.

I checked into my hotel, which was in downtown Warsaw. It’s owned and operated by the company I was interviewing with. The company pretty much runs the town (actually the industry it is in, runs the town, as 2 of its competitors are based there). I prepped for the interview and went to bed.

I got up the next morning early enough to take a walk down by the lake and the “city beach.” It was just starting to get humid, and I wasn’t so sure if I moved there, if I could handle it! Oh California weather! I won’t detail anything about the interview, but we did go to this fabulous sushi place in Winona Lake (a very cute town right next to Warsaw, I would have tried to live here!). It was called Cerulean, and was such a bright spot in the area. This place had a serene feel, wood floors, lots of blues. (You can read my review here.) There were some other cute places around, and I wish I could have spent more time, browsing the shops.

So my interview finished and I started the very boring drive back to the Fort. (I did stop by the Dairy Queen in Warsaw, it was still the same one from 15+ years ago that I went to after swim meets.) I had some free time, so I took a peek around some of the newer housing developments on the west side of town, dreaming of the day I could buy a house. Maybe I would buy here, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

So, my very short trip to northeast Indiana ended uneventfully. My flights were on-time, and unfortunately I didn’t have any hot guys sitting next to me on the plane. Maybe one of these days!

I must say that I don’t like these short trips. My body clock was all screwed up, but thank goodness I had the next day off, and then retreated to La Jolla!


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