500 calories? for the whole day? so not healthy!

Ripe grapes

how many of these can one have for 500 calories?

I was standing in line for lunch today, and one of the ladies (lady #1) I worked with was talking to another lady (lady #2) about lady #2’s recent weight loss. She had lost 30 lbs. in 2 months! So of course lady #1 asked how she did it, and she said she is limited to 500 calories/day. wtf?! She is also taking a bunch of supplements and vitamin b shots. It costs her $45/week. She went to some “weight loss” storefront next to a Von’s grocery store. Ok, that just sounds sketchy. So she talked some more, about how great it was she didn’t have to work out, and she still has 20 lbs. to go, since she knows she will “rebound.” She started reeling off all the low calorie foods she eats, like one egg white! Ok, one egg white is not going to get me very far! Lady #2 knows that  much of the 30 lbs. is water and muscle. She says she has little energy. She even said she feels “soft” and is losing muscle. No sh*t Sherlock! I don’t understand what has drawn her to go down this path.

I just let lady #2 talk, I couldn’t even fathom what she was doing. She was starving herself! I’m all for people figuring out what works for them, but to know that what she is doing probably isn’t going to last and that she’s going to regain some (or all) of what she’s lost, gah! Plus she’s throwing $45/week away. Ok, so it’s her money and not mine, but I just have to think that $45 could pay for some poor kid’s meals for a month or more!

I am not one to be swayed by other’s telling me that their diet is the best and the way to go. I will decide that for myself. I have tried weight watchers, and lost 10-20 lbs. each time, only to gain back more than I lost when I gave up on it. I lost 50 lbs. on the Belly Fat Cure, and made it into the book (p. 263, that’s me!) and managed to gain 51 lbs. back as of today (20 by the time the book was published).

I know I have to find what works for me at this stage in my life. I need to commit to a lifelong adventure to living healthy and living well. I need to figure out why I gained 51 lbs. back. I need to figure out why I overeat, why I can’t put down the ice cream, or chocolate, or cookies, etc. I am determined to figure these things out, through reflecting on things and writing things down and talking things through.

I hate to hear stories of people extreme dieting, missing out on so many vital nutrients and nourishment. God did not create us to live on 500 calories a day! I hope she realizes that there are healthier ways to lose and maintain weight and that something better will work for her. I am glad that I have chosen to eat real food and get the nourishment that I need to be able to have energy, to exercise, and to be able to blog!

I signed up for a weight loss blog contest today at http://www.unveilingthediva.blogspot.com/. I have to post a picture every Friday of my weight on the scale. Yikes! Well, that’s one way to keep me accountable. Good luck to my fellow participants!

Listening to: How Great is Our God (Live) by Chris Tomlin

(I just decided that with every blog post I write, I’m going to put what I’m listening to or watching. Just because I feel like it!)


3 responses to “500 calories? for the whole day? so not healthy!

  1. That is unreal!!!! It blows my mind people will actually do that even though they know they feel like crap and its horrible for them!! Good luck with the weight loss blog!!!

  2. Good luck with your diet!

    It’s truly sad what people will sacrifice and compromise to “look good.” What about feeling good? If she has no energy because she’s not eating enough to sustain herself, how can that possibly be feeling good!? Definitely not healthy, physically or mentally if she truly thinks that is normal! 😉

  3. Hey Emelle! I just wanted to stop by and remind you about my contest that started today. If you’re still interested in playing, just post a picture of your weigh-in sometime before midnight tonight. 🙂 Good luck!

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