sunday funday at dog beach

I met up with a few girlfriends Del Mar‘s dog beach today. The dog loves the beach, just hanging out, chillin’, dog and people watching, and splashing in the water. ET has a Jack Russell, JS has a new retired greyhound, and I’ve got the mutt.

del mar sign


view of dog beach

cute dog

no explanation needed

racing out to the waves

racing back to beat the waves

the dog making a new friend

sedona, JS's dog (with ET's dog Jack in the background)

The downside to this dog beach is that it costs $3/hr to park on the street. I only had about $4.50, so I got 1 1/2 hours of time. This is an area that is heavily ticketed, and just as I walk up to my car there is the bike cop on patrol. He asked if the car was mine, and he said I just made it. He was so ready to write me a ticket! I was like “I didn’t know it took so long to get from the water!” Oh geez, that was so close. Then I saw him write up a ticket for a car a couple down from me. Del Mar is really hard up for their parking fees!

So, now that I dodged a bullet, I took a minute to look to the east before I left the parking spot, and I saw this:

1 hot air balloon, and the view to the east

2 hot air balloons

Pretty neat, and now I want to go up in one to see the view and the sunset! Another day for sure.

Then as I make a u-turn to head north to go home, I look back at dog beach and see this beautiful sight:

the view as i drive away from dog beach

just beautiful and stunning. I was driving and had to hurriedly take the shot, but it turned out so well. God was with me today, and I thank him for providing everything I needed today.

And one final pic that sums up how the dog feels about the day:

one tired pup


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