last night’s dinner~baked artichokes with gorgonzola & herbs

I decided to change things up a bit and actually make a side dish, instead of just sauteing or baking some veggies up. Henry’s had a special on artichokes last week, so I bought one. I had never made anything artichoke-y, and my whole education on artichokes is spinach artichoke dip from whatever restaurant I’ve been in. I only had an actual artichoke once, like the ones where you eat from the “leaves,” and I wasn’t too keen on it. But I thought I’d give it a try anyway, maybe my taste buds have changed. And who can resist Gorgonzola!

I searched for artichoke recipes, and most ask for the canned or bottled artichoke hearts, but the Food Network website had one of Giada’s from her show: Baked Artichokes with Gorgonzola & Herbs. I watched the video and was pretty confident that I could do this well. Here’s the photographic evidence of my own attempt: (note, it isn’t pretty)

the artichoke a couple of lemons

boiling the artichoke, this took 30 min!

waiting for the artichoke to cool

i removed the choke in the middle, and practically destroyed the whole thing...

the finished product

It doesn’t really look like the finished product on the website, but I didn’t really care. I made it for myself, and it had all the components, so  it should have at least tasted the same. Well, I’ve decided I don’t like artichokes. I don’t like have you have these leaves, and this “meat” that you pull off of it with your teeth. The cheese was very strong, and that was all I really tasted anyways. So I would give this a 2 stars out of 5. I’m glad I tried it, since now I know how long it takes to cook an artichoke, and if my future husband loves artichokes, I know what I’m in for!

I also had some beer and salmon…

karl strauss red trolley...i should have had more of these!

salmon, before it went on the foreman grill

love this salmon seasoning, just a bit of heat, with a bit of sweet

Of course the salmon was delicious and the beer was cold. That made up for my distaste for the artichoke.

Now, what can I make with chicken and asparagus this week?


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