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For my birthday I decided to take a staycation down the road to La Jolla. It just happened to be July 4th weekend too. I got a great deal on rooms at the Hilton Torrey Pines and stayed 2 nights. I was even able to take the dog, who loved the big bed.

the dog thinking that this is her bed

The first night I was there, I had invited some girlfriends down to George’s Ocean Terrace (my fave!) and they helped me celebrate my birthday. We also ran into Troy Aikman, who was there with his family. It was so funny because I kept seeing people trying to sheepishly take pictures over my shoulder (I was at the table closest to them, although they were kind of in a secluded area). I had no idea what was happening until my friends arrived and pointed him out. I was kind of embarrassed because I’m such a huge football fan and my friend who isn’t had to point him out. But my back was to him, and his back was to me, that’s good enough excuse right? So we had a great dinner, I had a fantastic Alaskan Halibut dish that only appears in the summer. We got a delicious chocolate cake for dessert, and then the server presented me with a bottle of olive oil for my birthday. I thought that was pretty cool, completely different from anywhere else. (You can read my review at

After dinner, we headed to a place called The Spot. It was pretty crowded, but had a good vibe and crowd. Just had one drink there, and we were ready to go. The girls dropped me off back at the hotel, and I curled up into bed for a good night’s sleep.

at the spot

at the spot

The next day I headed to brunch at the Fig Tree Cafe, which is just a bit south of La Jolla in Pacific Beach. They have a patio and I was able to take the dog. I had a kick-ass omelet with some home fries. So very good.

The rest of the day I took it easy. It was a crappy day, marine layer hung around all day. I still headed to the pool and read a book. Just took it easy. I took the dog out for a walk around the hotel grounds. And then I headed to Papa John’s for dinner. I know, not something one should eat on a staycation, but I didn’t feel like spending money on a restaurant, and I just wanted to curl up in my room and chill. So I did. This was my staycation, and I was going to do whatever I wanted :).Plus the fireworks were that night, and I had a great view from my room’s balcony.

Overall it was a good little weekend out of my apartment. The weather was crappy, so that put a damper on it, but I was able to refresh a bit and get ready for the rest of summer. All in all a good little trip.

golf course view from my room. if it was a clear day, you could see the ocean

zoomed in view from the room

**You can read my review of the Hilton at


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